We're done! The three days went by really fast and I think I have solved the issue of my skin rash (which was the goal of this whole cleanse in the first place). I THINK it's because ever since I started eating high carb (around a year ago) I ate WAY more fruit. I'm talkin' like 8 bananas in my smoothies, 5 mangoes as a snack... ya'll know what my diet has looked like in the past year or so. Just look on my Instagram. Now, I have never listened to those folks who are like, "You need to restrict fruit, it has too much sugar!" I have just scoffed at them and kept eating my watermelon - the whole thing. But maybe it's time I listened.

At the same time I upped my fruit intake hugely, I started getting this flaky red skin around my nose. I haven't correlated the two until I did this cleanse and some of you gave me feedback that I might have the rash because I am eating too much sugar (in the form of fruit). Apparently, in general, the good bacteria in our guts feed on complex carbs like beans and vegetables while the bad bacteria feed on simple sugars like sweet fruits and processed junk (correct me if I am wrong though). Fruit is awesome, but it seems like if I eat huge amounts of it, it just puts my gut flora outta wack. I have been eating less fruit in the past two days and I already see an improvement. I'm also eating probiotics like almond yogurt and sauerkraut to help things along. We'll see if this really is the solution or if it's just a coincidence, and I will keep you informed. This might end up meaning a big change in my diet. Let me know your thoughts on this! I know MANY people can do this high fruit thing (1 litre+ fresh squeezed OJ for fun) and I was loving it! But maybe it isn't working for me. I want to note that I can still eat - and thoroughly enjoy eating - a high carb low fat vegan diet, just not high fruit. Anyways, recipes for the last day of the cleanse are below. Much love.

Green juice #1
Green juice #2 
Baked yams with sauerkraut, tahini + chickpeas 

Throughout the day:
1 gallon water with 1/4 cup lemon juice or apple cider vinegar 



2 big bunches spinach
5 small apples
1 cucumber
1/2 bunch celery
1 lemon
1 tablespoon chunk peeled ginger

Juice it all and drink it up.


I went to my face raw vegan cafe downtown with a friend and we got green juice there, so just make your own fave recipe.


Use this recipe, then add sauerkraut and chickpeas!


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