20 May 2015


We're done! The three days went by really fast and I think I have solved the issue of my skin rash (which was the goal of this whole cleanse in the first place). I THINK it's because ever since I started eating high carb (around a year ago) I ate WAY more fruit. I'm talkin' like 8 bananas in my smoothies, 5 mangoes as a snack... ya'll know what my diet has looked like in the past year or so. Just look on my Instagram. Now, I have never listened to those folks who are like, "You need to restrict fruit, it has too much sugar!" I have just scoffed at them and kept eating my watermelon - the whole thing. But maybe it's time I listened.

At the same time I upped my fruit intake hugely, I started getting this flaky red skin around my nose. I haven't correlated the two until I did this cleanse and some of you gave me feedback that I might have the rash because I am eating too much sugar (in the form of fruit). Apparently, in general, the good bacteria in our guts feed on complex carbs like beans and vegetables while the bad bacteria feed on simple sugars like sweet fruits and processed junk (correct me if I am wrong though). Fruit is awesome, but it seems like if I eat huge amounts of it, it just puts my gut flora outta wack. I have been eating less fruit in the past two days and I already see an improvement. I'm also eating probiotics like almond yogurt and sauerkraut to help things along. We'll see if this really is the solution or if it's just a coincidence, and I will keep you informed. This might end up meaning a big change in my diet. Let me know your thoughts on this! I know MANY people can do this high fruit thing (1 litre+ fresh squeezed OJ for fun) and I was loving it! But maybe it isn't working for me. I want to note that I can still eat - and thoroughly enjoy eating - a high carb low fat vegan diet, just not high fruit. Anyways, recipes for the last day of the cleanse are below. Much love.

Green juice #1
Green juice #2 
Baked yams with sauerkraut, tahini + chickpeas 

Throughout the day:
1 gallon water with 1/4 cup lemon juice or apple cider vinegar 



2 big bunches spinach
5 small apples
1 cucumber
1/2 bunch celery
1 lemon
1 tablespoon chunk peeled ginger

Juice it all and drink it up.


I went to my face raw vegan cafe downtown with a friend and we got green juice there, so just make your own fave recipe.


Use this recipe, then add sauerkraut and chickpeas!


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Valerie said...

Even if you have to make a shift towards more veggie based eating you can still have awesome smoothies! I have to limit my fruit intake while also mainly eating smoothies for health reasons (booo gastroparesis) so I've been working around that for a while. One of my personal favorites is sweet potato + beet + one cup of peaches, it's even creamier than a banana based shake and tastes SO good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily!

Great that you are so undogmatic, open-minded and willing to take matters into your own hands!!

I've gotten great results eating high carb starch-based and can highly recommend trying it!

I mean, you can eat all those yummy things like potatoes, yams, squash, sweet potato, quinoa, rice, amaranth, millet, buckwheat, corn and other grains (if you're not gluten free).

The thing is that those foods are - as opposed to fruit - highly satisfying and also more nutrious!

Have fruit as a treat or snack everyday. Do you know what I've noticed ever since? I enjoy and appreciate fruit SO MUCH MORE now!!! It really tastes so much better now and you can have higher qualitiy fruit and more variety since you're not bulk buying it and have more money for really good and RIPE(!) fruit which is not only a heck of a lot more nutritious but also so much more delicious. :)

Eat plenty of veggies, complemented by starches with the addition of fruit and some nuts and seeds. That's at least what works for me but I've seen it in many others as well.

Just try it for a couple of weeks. You have nothing to lose! :)

And I mean: Who doesn't love oatmeal for breakfast? :D With fresh strawberries not that they're in season...

All the best!!


Unknown said...

Your post is really interesting because I never really ate much fruit but then in April I did a 30 day smoothie challenge which meant I ate a lot of fruit every morning. The first week or so my energy when up and my skin improved and was basically glowing. I have carried it on and really love it but have found I have started to get way more spots than normal. I never put it down to the smoothies but now I am wondering about it. I might stick with the smoothies but maybe use less fruit and see how that goes. I love it when I read a post like this and it is actually really helpful. Thanks, Mercedes

Cassie said...

Starch is encouraged on a juice cleanse?? Did not know that!

Kim said...

Yo, I'm a frequent fruit lover too (Can't eat many vegetables - gastroparesis solidarity, comment #1), and I've luckily never experienced skin weirdness except when I smash my face into too many juicy mangoes or forget to dry myself off after my daily romp in the melon ball pit (next food trend for sure), so I suppose it just shows that different bodies need different things at different times (which is probably not the most exiting or insightful revelation, but something I definitely need to heed in those weeks I live off peanut butter and jam from the jars.)

Unknown said...

I commented on the other post a little bit ago about healing my skin issues through diet with the help of an acupuncturist/chinese herbalist. Since it seems like you are curious about other people's journeys, I'll elaborate a little further. My acupuncturist actually guided me towards eating a LOT less sugar, which has really helped my skin!

I was the same as you -- I'd hear people criticizing how much sugar fruit has in it and I'd just roll my eyes and think, "Whatever!" But lowering my sugar intake has not only helped my skin but really evened out my energy during the day and even mellowed out my mood. I've been doing this for a few weeks and the change is astronomical. I still slip up sometimes (I am legit addicted to sweet stuff) and I definitely feel worse physically for a day or so after I eat sugar. Hope this helps!

Kimberly/TheLittlePlantation said...

Oh Emily, I am SO pleased that you found this out for yourself. Because sometimes - no matter how many facts people throw at you - you kinda gotta put two and two together through your own experience, right?

Yup - fruits are FAB but not as a replacement for a main meal. Excessive fruit intake - especially in the form of juices, dried fruits, tropical fruits and even smoothies high fruits - actually causes inflammation in the body :(, feeds bad bacteria and causes MAJOR insulin spikes.

I am also guessing it may be linked to some of the mood swings you have spoken about in your blog posts as well as some menstrual troubles you have.

I am only a year 2 nutrition student and don't know your full medical history. So I am only speculating... May be worth going to a recommended nutritionist should matters not resolve themselves after the cleanse. It'll be the best money you've ever spent ;)

All the best and thank you as always for your openness and honesty. Very brave

Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome that you are figuring things out about what works in your diet and what doesn't! It's a super cool lifelong experiment, and everyone is so different! And as we learn we become that much more in tune with how our bodies work :)

Alex said...

I tried high carb, high raw, fruit based lifestyle and it destroyed my skin. Seriously, never had more breakouts in my life. My stomach was a mess and ( so embarrassing but ) the absolute worst constant gas of my life. It just did not work for my body. I'm still high carb but eat a lot more grains, legumes, potatoes and raw veggies with fruit as snacks throughout my day and I feel AMAZING. Similar energy levels but with the clearest skin I've ever had in my life and no stomach troubles. Im not someone whos really concerned with my weight but I also dropped a few pounds almost immediately when I made the switch as well.

Emma said...

Hey Emily! Beautiful blog. Hopefully this is welcomed advice... take it or leave it, but there can be several reasons for a rash like that appearing on the face.

According to Ayurveda (I am a practitioner :) ) we say that rashes are related to imbalances of the blood. This is a vata (ether/air element) and pitta (fire) condition. These elements leave their natural homes in the GI tract and their qualities travel in the blood when certain things are out of balance in the diet and lifestyle.

OFten, when there are issues such as this it means that there is some kind of congestion in the liver. When our diets have more fats (from any kind of oil, nut, avocado, etc) this can cause stagnancy, leading to improper blood filtration and production in the spleen). When this blood circulates, it can lodge underneath areas in the skin. If this is the cause, in your case, it has lodged around the nose.

Very interesting stuff! If you're ever interested I'd be happy to chat about it... feel free to find me on facebook (emma landau, NY network) or email me (ejL78@cornell.edu).

Many blessings and health <3

Jennifer said...

It makes me sad when people freak out over fruit because most people don't eat ANY! Or miss interpret who too much fruit is bad. I think you can eat fruit everyday and still be VERY healthy. I mean I usually eat one banana and one apple everyday. But I know that I should be eating meals consisting of ONLY fruit, all day.

And I say that people misunderstand I know from personal experience. I worked at a juice/smoothie/burrito bar and lots of women would order a protein shake that was pretty much soy milk, protein powder, banana and peanut butter. People would always ask to leave out the banana. It would drive me nuts since 1 the banana add flavor and sweetness and 2 add textrure. So yeah, less calories, less sugar, but there was more added sugar in the soy milk than in the banana! Ugh! We even had an unsweetened almond milk to sub out the soy milk. So much banana hate guys. So much!

The Vegan Junction said...

I'm not sure if it would apply in your case, but I know of a number of people who have developed dry skin and/or skin breakouts on account of citrus. I've also found that many people tend to get dry skin when drinking a lot of juice. Eating the foods in their whole form is fine, but juicing seems to lead to dry skin. I just thought I'd mention it, incase you're still trying to discern what affects you.

Unknown said...

You are 100% correct that too much fruit can cause your bad bacteria to go crazy. All sugar is broken down the same way in your body. It's not from detoxing because your diet is already super clean --you would have gone through a detox phase years ago. The same thing happened to me and I ended up doing a candida cleanse and my skin cleared up and I haven't been 'hangry' since. It's all about finding your balance and what works for your body, no one elses!

Anonymous said...

YES. Been vegan for a long time and got into eating more raw foods last Dec. and weight training to beef up my bod. So pretty much I'd eat green smoothies, some protein powders like vega and have a cooked din like stir-fry or black beans and rice. Things were going REALLY WELL.

I've suffered from eczema my whole life and it never got so bad as when I found the hclf lifestyle last Jan. My eczema flared but I thought it was just the winter. Now things are calming down as I'm transiting back to the first diet I mentioned above- less fruit and more of the green smoothies and hearty dinners. So glad I'm not alone on this!

On a side note those of us born under the sun signs Virgo and Capricorn are especially susceptible to rashes and other skin issues. Also us Virgo prominent peeps have very sensitive stomachs. Do you know if you have either of these signs in you natal chart?

Melissa Cayford said...

I too have been trying to consume more fruit, but find no matter how much I consume, I need a starch or fat to help satiate it. I could eat 5 mangoes and be hungry quickly after. Glad to hear you're finding things out about your body and working things out. I find sometimes I get caught up in the "right" thing to do, and thats not always the right thing to do for my body.

Paula Wesson said...

I have a B.S. in nutrition. There is a form of dermatitis that appears around the nose that can be caused by a diet low in essential fatty acids. So, yes, if you were eating mostly fruit and not enough fat, that may be the cause of your skin problems.

*I cannot diagnose you via a blog post, though. It could be caused by something other than nutrition. If your skin problem continues, you should see a doctor, dermatologist, or other health professional who can determine what the cause is.

Anonymous said...

Emily I have a sort of personal/not-really-that-personal question. I've just started getting into the idea juicing to cleanse and have come across alot of info on doing enemas during the cleanse. I've actually seen that it's "critical" to some that we should do these while juicing. DO YOU have any experience with this?

I'd appreciate any feedback! (Though you're a youngin' you seem to be very well educated on the subject of health and have quite a level-head in general!)

Unknown said...

I love the adventure of raw food. It's the time I enjoy the kitchen. I am always reminded that the vegetables we consume these days may not have the whole spectrum of nutrients (micro, macro and everything in between) that complete homeostasis requires. We are all looking for super health, imho. Objectively staying out of the grips of conventional medicine. I use a superfood called Iridesca which supplies much of that stuff missing from the great food I eat. Great safety net imho