Hey, all. I make my own facial flower and herb waters all the time. I figured I could share my basic recipe, because it's a wonderfully simple and rewarding little task. 

My schedule is extremely busy and stressful this season, so taking time to slow down, literally smell the roses, and take care of myself are necessary aspects to surviving and protecting my mental health. This recipe helps me remember to breathe, be grateful for the small things, and feel crafty all at once. If you haven't tried making your own rose water before, you might surprised at how easy it is. If you have, thank you for trying my recipe out! In essence: to make rose water, you simply boil water with rose petals, then strain, and you're done. There are a few more steps involved, and you can make it more complicated if you like, making your own still, adding glycerin or creating distilled rose water. If you're interested in making distilled rose water (I wanna try this next time!) watch this lovely I just found. Additionally: this video of Princess Nokia making rose water is magic. I don't buy roses, I pick them from public bushes. Of course, I make sure I am not taking people's private flowers, or diminishing the beauty of a public space when I do this. I am careful to only pick roses that will not be missed. I add a teensy bit of vodka to mine (as a preservative) so it lasts longer, but this is optional and if you're gonna use it within a few weeks, you're probably fine. Alternatively, only keep a small amount out in a bottle at a time, and leave the rest in your freezer, thawing and pouring into your spray bottle as needed. ALSO: I have finally started adding a Print option to my recipes. Sorry it took me so long.

If you can't be bothered to make rose water, the brand I'd recommend to buy from is Luminance Skincare. The quality of their products and the sincerity of their business is unsurpassed!

Makes around 1.5 cups / Print this recipe!

- 2 cups fresh rose petals
- 2 cups distilled water
- 1/4 teaspoon vodka (optional, as a preservative)
- fine sieve 
- spray bottle

Pour the water into a pot, add the rose petals, and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat so the water just simmers, and allow it to simmer for 10 minutes, or until the pigment is gone from the rose petals. Strain the water through a fine sieve, let cool, then pour into a spray bottle. Add a tiny bit of vodka (if using) and shake well. Keep in the fridge or cool place and use frequently as a skin toner, aromatherapy tool, and facial refresher! 

Note: this process can be followed for other herbs and flowers as well. For example, I made rosemary water while I made this recipe, it's also excellent for the skin, and smells divine. Obviously: make sure the herbs and flowers work for your skin and body!