I am officially an author! Whaa!? Yeah, this is real life.

The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook: I am so excited about this one since I thiiiiink it's my best yet. My photos have definitely gotten better and I had all the recipes tested twice by readers around the world. It's a vibrant mix of about 80 raw and cooked recipes, with a full page colour photo for nearly every recipe. All gluten-free, all vegan, all delish, all quick and easy to make. You can order it now from wherever books are sold, or more specifically...

Barnes & Noble
Indie Bound
The Book Depository (free worldwide shipping)
- and wherever books are sold!


Me second book is called 100 Best Juices, Smoothies & Healthy Snacks and the title basically says it all: it's filled with raw, vegan, wholesome recipes for juices, smoothies, soups, mylks, mylkshakes,  and healthy snacks like kale chips and energy bars. Nearly every recipe has a full page colour photo to go with it, and I provide chapters on recommended equipment, methods, ingredients and more! This a perfect cookbook for everyday recipe making. 

The Book Depository (free worldwide shipping!)
- and wherever books are sold!


My first book is called Rawsome Vegan Baking and it's all about raw, vegan and gluten-free desserts. There are about 100 recipes, all with their own full page colour photo. There are also chapters about equipment, ingredients, storage, and useful tips. I want you to get this book and rejoice at the endless magical possibilities that come with simple, wholesome ingredients like dried fruit, coconut oil, seeds and nuts.

Barnes & Noble
Indie Bound
The Book Depository (free worldwide shipping!)
- and wherever books are sold!


Hasna' Abdulmajid said...

I love the energy that literally bursts through from your words and photography. Your love for life and expressive joy is so inspirational! I look forward to trying some of your recipes in the future fo sho' :P
peace and light

Anonymous said...

Emily, I echo Hasna's sentiments. You are a treasure. When will you be publishing your next book (interim e-book?)with recipes for main meals? In the meantime, of all the resources you list, which do you recommend for cookbooks that match your style of recipes?

Thank you,

christine said...

sewhat a brilliant blog! thanks so much. I would like to go more raw an vegan specially when it comes to desserts but I have nut allergies so can't have any nuts. Are there alternatives?

Anonymous said...

Love your web site Emily, oh by the way your book arrived in the mail last week, but the problem is that i don't know which recipe to try first. You are a true inspiration, thank you

Emily von Euw said...

@Anonymous - my next book will be out in December, and a book on savoury meals will be coming soon :D It's on the agenda officially! Check out my resources page for blogs I like - a lot of them have cookbooks and e-books available :)

Emily von Euw said...

@Christine - yes! In the book here is a large paragraph about all the substitutions and adaptions you can make :)

Ilane @cultiv8health said...

Are many of the recipes on the blog in the book? I would love that to be the case. Thanks.

Emily von Euw said...

@Ilane - yes, about 15% of the book is from the blog :)

Paige Greenway said...

Does this book have any tips on how to afford eating high raw, high carb vegan? I'm really trying to get into it but I'm a student with limited resources...

Emily von Euw said...

@Paige Greenway - I mention it a few times but it's not really focused on that. However I am planning on making a video about that topic soon! Stay tuned to my youtube channel!

Heather McClees said...

Hands down the best raw food book I've ever read! Thank you so much for letting me share it with my readers Emily!:) YOU ARE AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Bought your book for friend's birthday. She is a life long baker who has recently become vegan. She was over joyed to have this as a resource! I was even shocked your book has so many more delicious recipes than what is posted online. I cant wait for your next book, i hope it will be meal recipes with the same beautiful photos!

opredeleno said...

Hi Em, I like your blog but I have to say that I am surprised at your decision to publish a paper book. Publishing a book is not environment friendly at all. Why do you need to kill trees in an era of ebooks? Yes, I and all readers around the world love holding paper books but I actually prefer not killing trees.
You can be a fully legit published Author (yay!) AND paper-free.

Alexis Keynes said...

I purchased your book several months ago and spent two evenings going through marking the pages I wanted to experiment with first. My husband has loved everything so far but his two favorites are the
Lemon Dream Pie and Cashew Coffee Vanilla Creme Cake. I have a question regarding Coconut Cream made with canned coconut milk. Why don't you use Coconut Cream instead of the coconut milk? (My coconut milk stayed in the fridge for several days, but never got hard.) Any thoughts?

Brandie Nicole Richardson said...

I got your book today! Heather over at The Soulful Spoon did a post + giveaway about it, and I am a noob to the vegan lifestyle. Can't wait to get it in the mail! :D You rock. That is all for now. \m/

Emily von Euw said...

@Alexis Keynes - I mean coconut cream ,really. Canned coconut milk is the consistency of cream :) I do understand though that sometimes it just doesn't get hard no matter how long its in the fridge. Try out different brands and see which ones actually solidify. Then just scoop off the hard stuff on top and use that :D

Remy said...

So awesome!! I don't have much of a sweet tooth though:/ will you be coming out with any other books about being a raw vegan or any other recipe books? i'm definitely interested!

Kathryn Payton said...

I just bought the Nook version (because I didn't want to wait until I went to a bookstore), and tonight I'm gonna make the S'mores Cupcakes. :')

And yes--I'm going to buy the actual book someday, too. Hehe.

Antonela de Alva said...

Hi Emily! I´m from Argentina and I had discovered you web yesterday. It is so awesome that I try to do the Carrot Cake frosting and It´s wonderful. Thank you!!!!! I would like to buy and read your book. Could you send it to Argentina? Thank you!!! Your web is incredible!!! I love it and I had a lot to recipes to become a raw person without boring!!! Thank you so much for do this!!!

Yo said...

I live in Mexico. Where should I go to get your books? Thank you for your recipes!

Emily von Euw said...

@Yo - check out the book depository ;)

marie-pier mathurin said...

Hi Emilie! Is there an e-book version of your smoothies and juices book? Thank you

Emily von Euw said...

@marie-pier mathurin - yes! Kindle versions are available for both books at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. :)

Tracy A. Wood said...

hi emily, i just discovered your blog after googling raw vegan diet, which i am wanting to switch over to permanently. i have been a somewhat unhealthy vegetarian for the past 30 years and now want to eat well all of the time. i just ordered your juice/smoothie book. i can't wait to try out some of the recipes!

Christine said...

Hi, Emily!
I just bought your juice and smoothie book, along with a BlendTec blender! (Respect to your Vitamix, but it's just too big for my tiny kitchen) I'm so excited to get started making wonderful, healthy things! You are such an inspiration, thanks so much for what you do.



Brenda N said...

Hi Emily,

Bought Rawsome Vegan Baking and tried the Hippie Halva.....I tried the food processor and the sesame seeds never ended up like a nut butter as the recipe suggested. I even put the sesame seeds in a coffee grinder before my food processor hoping that would help the process along. After adding the dates and leaving it in the frig for a few hours....the halva was just a crumbly mess......I squished it together with my hands to form little balls....and that was the only way it would stay together.

Any suggestions Emily?


Joi Trenal said...

I just found your site today and its amazing!
I just ordered all 3 of your books (will patiently await them) !
Thanks for sharing your insight, talent and raw life!

carrie said...

Hi Emily, I just purchased your juices and smoothies book. Your recipes are wonderful, and the photography is gorgeous. Thank you so much for your efforts! I can't wait until your next book is out. (Your website is beautiful too!)

sophiesfoodiefiles said...

Hey Emily, I finally got your lovely rawsome vegan (un)baking book, just today, ordered it from the Waterstones in Brussels, Belgium! It is a treat!

What a fabulous book with amazing lovely recipes & they are all very easy to follow! I am super happy now! xxxx
I think, after I made all of your tasty recipes or at least a few of them, I will review it on my blog! yes!

So thanks again for this amazing wonderful cool book! Greetings from a foodie from Belgium! :) xxxx

Allen jeley said...


Anonymous said...

We really love your new cookbook! The recipes are so delicious and healthy and the book itself is beautiful!

We've ordered a bunch of them to sell in our Whistler Green Moustache juice bar. :)

Thank you for sharing your amazing recipes!

Kathy Haling said...

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