18 Feb 2019


Hello, my darlings.

Back for a short post because I have the unexpected energy! I'm gonna talk about mental illness for a hot second and then get on to the fun stuff (cookies)! <3

Mental health update: depression in my life has been getting more intense and at this point it's a full-on disability. I am on medication and getting through some workbooks for cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). I am really grateful for all the coping skills I have learned and am practicing every day. More than ever I am able to recognize and remind myself: this is an illness in my body and NOT a personal failure. There is no need for shame or judgement here, just compassionate acceptance and gentle observation. We all exist in radically different bodies and environments. The body I am in happens to have some weird brain stuff that makes things more difficult for me than other people. We all have our own obstacles and challenges in life. I'm human. It's OK.

Onto foodzy thingz.

17 Dec 2018


Greetings, greetings. How are you, darling? 

I recognize a greasy grilled cheese sandwich, albeit vegan, seems to have nothing to do with a so-called Rawsome Vegan Life. Grilled cheese is not even "healthy," right!? Let alone raw. What's goin' on here? Well, if you've been reading any of my recent posts on Instagram and Facebook you may have picked up on my new concepts about food. I say "new," but I know I've actually been meditating on these ideas for years. It's just in the last year or two I've really begun actively practicing better policies in regards to my own relationship with food. I am finally and truly recovering from over a decade of disordered eating. This is a long story and many of you have asked if I could share more about it, which I plan to do. For now, I will keep it short and say: healing from disordered eating looks different for everyone, and for me it looks like eating a lot of rich and refined foods. These foods are literally nourishing and life-giving for me. They include all-dressed potato chips, chocolate cake, white pasta, all the olive oil I want, ice cream in bed, pizza on the dance floor, and so much more. I am in love with Intuitive Eating and the liberation it has given me. I don't restrict food anymore and therefore I do not binge anymore. I listen to what my body tells me it wants. Lately, it's been a lot of grilled cheese. Nothing could be healthier for me right now.

10 Dec 2018


Hello, hello! I'm back, back, back again. A relatively large amount of time as passed since I last posted on the blog. I recognize this, I apologize. Today I am divulging a little about what's been up with my mental health lately, and sharing a deliiiiicious recipe for vegan hot chocolate that I've been making almost every morning. The recipe is creamy, sweet, and a decadent treat whenever I put it together. I include some adaptogens (mood boosters!) as well as powerful turmeric oil (great for the whole bod!) If you came for pure and simple hot cocoa, though, feel free to leave those ingredients out. The drink would be great served cold too, or with a banana blended in for extra creaminess and flavour. Scroll down for the recipe! Or, stick with me while I talk about mental stuff for a minute.

30 Oct 2018


Hey, all. I make my own facial flower and herb waters all the time. I figured I could share my basic recipe, because it's a wonderfully simple and rewarding little task. 

10 Oct 2018


Rawsome Superfoods is available for pre-order now! Links below. Thank you for all the support + love. <3 I would really love to get to 500 preorders like my last book did, so every pre-order helps!
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Yep. Kinda big news, I guess? Well, it is for me anyway. I don't have any kids but my cookbooks are my paper offspring. I have now written 4 of them. These books are the culmination of lots of work; coming up with concept ideas, testing recipes, photographing dishes, trying to be funny and informative at the same time (usually failing), and second-guessing if I am even capable of this job. Then, after all the labour is done, months later... I receive the first physical copy in the mail (eep!!) It's always a rewarding moment of satisfaction. I can hold in my hands this project I put so much into for the better part of a year, and I know others will hold it in their and find something in this book that speaks to them. Sometimes it's just a fun recipe, sometimes it's a paradigm shift, sometimes they find out what they DON'T like. I am eternally grateful that my work is able to interact with people all over this planet and gets (hopefully) yummy food into happy bellies. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR LOVE and SUPPORT! It means everything to me and literally I could not be writing cookbooks if it weren't for you.

So, what's this book about? What's the DEAL, em? Okay, I'll tell you. I know I say this with every book but I swear this one is ACTUALLY my fave. :D It's called Rawsome Superfoods. I know that term can be a little problematic and misleading so when I say "superfoods," I just mean foods that have been researched and proven to have the ability to bring about noticeable health improvements, and not coincidentally, many of these foods have been centred and honoured in various medicine systems throughout the globe, especially in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda. These ingredients don't have to be fancy or expensive though; they include spinach, black beans, sweet potatoes and walnuts. But some may be new to you, like ashwagandha, astragalus, and maca. The recipes range from drinks, snacks and basics to mains and desserts. Basically: I've got you covered. Many are raw, a lot are gently cooked. Always vegan and mainly gluten-free. I provide an extensive list of the best researched superfoods on this planet, and all are used in the book. I also share my favourite resources for blogs, documentaries, books, cookbooks, activist organizations and podcasts. This book is not about prescribing a healthy diet, anything to do with body weight, or convincing folks to go vegan. Of course I am vegan and I am vegan for many reasons, but I don't believe in telling others how to live; since we all know what's best for us, at least more than anyone else. So, this book is simply a resource for nourishing meals, if you so choose to be interested in it! XO

Rawsome Superfoods is available for pre-order now! Links below. Thank you for all the support + love. <3 I would really love to get to 500 preorders like my last book did, so every pre-order helps!
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