14 May 2019


Yep. This is a magical mix of rich, roasted brew and sweet, melty ice cream. I am delighted by the way the two components balance one another to create a perfect taste experience. This recipe hits the spot on hot summer days. I use Dandy Blend instead of coffee (it is DELICIOUS and caffeine-free), but you do you, babe. If real coffee is your preference, use real coffee. Dandy Blend is not sponsoring this post and - sad face - they've never even gotten in touch with me about working together. (HINT HINT DANDY, PLZ EMAIL ME!!) I am simply a big fan of their product. 

In other news, I have some recommendations! I do not know if any who reads my blog even cares, but I can't help sharing what I've been loving. 

- The Philosophize This! podcast, especially the series on Gilles Deleuze
- Little Simz' new album, Grey Area 
- Coconut whipped cream FROM THE CAN, GUYS
- Grilled sandwiches with lots of vegan cheese, meat, mayo and greens
- Metta (aka Loving-Kindness) meditations, lets me be my higher self
- Slowing down my mornings, really enjoying the smell of my tea and the way the sun light hits my floor

That's it for now, darlings. Talk soon! x

2 May 2019


I recently had the privilege of visiting the island of Maui, part of the nation of Hawai'i. In this post I will be sharing some photos I captured, as well as the diary entries I wrote during my time there. Thank you, as always, for reading! xo

22 Apr 2019


Hello, friends! This cake is soft, sweet, creamy, moist and full of flavour. The recipe contains loads of micronutrients from oats, beets and carrots, and kind of reminds me of fancy scones.

In celebration of Earth Day, let's share plant-based treats with those we love, be conscious of where our foods come from, and grateful that we have the privilege of delicious food in the first place (for those of us who do, which is too few). We must also pause to recognize the harms being done to the earth and many of its inhabitants, our fellow humans and non-human animals alike. We can fight this systemic injustice by acting in solidarity with marginalized communities and organizations that are working to make this world fair, free and sustainable. We can go to the rally for transgender rights. We can give our money (back) to the local Black Lives Matter chapter. We can protest the lack of disabled-accommodating spaces. We can buy less from amoral companies, and more from local and ethical producers. We can eat less meat, and more plants. We can support small farmers and ethical production. We must stay aware of the privilege of having these choices, as always. We all deserve this right of choice, but not all of us have it.

8 Apr 2019


Sweet readers! Salutations! I had a particularly powerful meditation on a recent morning. I was struck by the energy of inspiration to share my thoughts on minimalism and intention. I want to share these with you because for me, "minimalism" is not a simply matter of material possessions, or lack thereof. In this post I will discuss how living simply and intentionally benefits my psychological, spiritual, and emotional being. This will not be relevant to some. We are all on our own path. I recognize "minimalism" is not resonant - or accessible - to everyone. For as many of us humans as there are, there are that many ways to be. (This is a whole political discussion about access and power which I will get to in a later post. For now, you can google minimalism and privilege, if you like.)

I have mixed feelings about the term "minimalism" because of how it has been appropriated by elite demographics. (I acknowledge my own level of privilege as I am in a stable housing situation, do not experience food scarcity, etc.) The term minimalism has sometimes come to denote a mere aesthetic that is practically as tied with consumerism as other lifestyles. I prefer the mentality and concept of intention over minimalism, since intentionality is what minimalism means for me. Refer to Oprah for more on intention (I adore her, aaaand speaking of privilege...) 

2 Apr 2019


Greetings, sweet readers! I'm here to share a savoury recipe, in contrast to the plethora of desserts I normally make. Balance, right? This dish was put together spontaneously and turned out wonderfully... sometimes the best meals are made with random odds and ends around the kitchen. Anybody agree?