8 Apr 2019


Sweet readers! Salutations! I had a particularly powerful meditation on a recent morning. I was struck by the energy of inspiration to share my thoughts on minimalism and intention. I want to share these with you because for me, "minimalism" is not a simply matter of material possessions, or lack thereof. In this post I will discuss how living simply and intentionally benefits my psychological, spiritual, and emotional being. This will not be relevant to some. We are all on our own path. I recognize "minimalism" is not resonant - or accessible - to everyone. For as many of us humans as there are, there are that many ways to be. (This is a whole political discussion about access and power which I will get to in a later post. For now, you can google minimalism and privilege, if you like.)

I have mixed feelings about the term "minimalism" because of how it has been appropriated by elite demographics. (I acknowledge my own level of privilege as I am in a stable housing situation, do not experience food scarcity, etc.) The term minimalism has sometimes come to denote a mere aesthetic that is practically as tied with consumerism as other lifestyles. I prefer the mentality and concept of intention over minimalism, since intentionality is what minimalism means for me. Refer to Oprah for more on intention (I adore her, aaaand speaking of privilege...) 

2 Apr 2019


Greetings, sweet readers! I'm here to share a savoury recipe, in contrast to the plethora of desserts I normally make. Balance, right? This dish was put together spontaneously and turned out wonderfully... sometimes the best meals are made with random odds and ends around the kitchen. Anybody agree?

25 Mar 2019


Hello, my babes. I've been going on so many lil trips this season, and right now I am in between two. The adventures in new places do wonders for the soul and refresh my perspectives. Travelling gets me out of my comfort zone and into a more reflective state. When I return home, I am always filled with gratitude for all the pleasures - small and great - in my life. One small pleasure is making myself cute, hot drinks in the morning. In this post, I am going to talk about minimalism for a sec, then loop back around to how it relates to this latte.

11 Mar 2019


Hello, friends. I stumbled upon a giant bag of puffed rice at a local grocery store a few days ago and immediately had the urge to create a vegan choco pb rice crispy bar. This is a super quick and easy recipe; sweet, chewy and crunchy, a perfect energizing snack or fun dessert any time of day. I'm not kidding: I threw this recipe together in under 15 minutes while I was waiting for my dinner to finish cooking. The bars turned out excellent the first try, so while I didn't actually plan on sharing the recipe, here I am. This would be made more epic if you add chocolate chips, pretzels, crushed potato chips, and/or vegan marshmallows. Then again, wouldn't everything?

3 Mar 2019


Hello, darling readers. I've been away for 8 days in the far north of Turtle Island, in Kwanlin Dün lands (aka Whitehorse, Yukon Territories). The temperature was -20 most days, and whole rivers and lakes were frozen under many feet of pure, white snow. I hiked through the woods and took in the humble silence of earth in the absence of other humans. I wrote a lot of poetry and experienced some profound moments of realization atop tall hills, utterly and gloriously surrounded by icy blue peaks and deep green forests. I become a witness to my own existence in a way I've never been before. There are no words to express the emotions that found their way to me in those mountains. Since I am literally made of earth, I am always home, no matter where I am on the planet. However, in a more specific sense, I have returned to my regular living space, and bring you this recipe now.