12 Aug 2019


Hello, sweet readers! Today I bring you some a little different from my regular recipe posts. I want to share a super easy tutorial for a DIY meditation cushion/pillow. I improvised this last week and it came together perfectly. For me, an important piece of why I meditate in the first place is to be content with the simple gifts in life, and to not desire more than I need. So, there is no need for me to buy a fancy meditation pillow made with new materials, when I can craft one easily and affordably in my own home, with my own hands. I enjoy being part of the process, too.

18 Jul 2019


Babes! Summer is upon us! That means vegan burger time! And apparently lots of exclamation marks! 

I have to admit that summer is not my season of choice. I am one of those people who prefers the gloom of fall and winter. HOWEVER, for a short period of time, I do appreciate the warmth of the sun on my skin, and the smells of barbecues getting heated up to grill veggies and veggie burgers. My family loves to do BBQ dinners in our backyard, and this year we started things off right with Beyond Meat burgers, veggie burgers from Costco (surprisingly delicious), and sprouted burger buns! 

1 Jul 2019


Hello, my darlings. How have you been? I am back with another recipe. This time, we're making RAW, VEGAN fruit tarts with a delicious hazelnutty banana creme filling. This recipe is inspired and adapted from one I shared many years ago: Just The Bare Fruit Tarts. (I was really into GIFs then, apparently.) IMPACT Magazine will be sharing today's recipe in their upcoming issue, so stay tuned for that and buy a copy if you want!

21 Jun 2019


Hello, dear readers. This is a pretty epic post, that, in my mind anyway, has been a long time coming! Today I wanna share my favourite cookbook titles with you. This collection is tried and true, according to my humble perspective. I get mailed a lot of cookbooks to review, and it's been this way for almost 8 years. After all my testing, behold: the best of the best. 

3 Jun 2019


Hello, my dearest readers! Thank you for being you today! I have a WONDERFUL recipe to share. These truffles are so creamy and decadent, so cute and precious, you might want to have one (or four...) to start every day. I just had a couple for pre-breakfast and I testify that, thanks to these little bites of rich deliciousness, the morning could NOT have begun any better. The recipe calls for making your own hazelnut butter, which is a divine process, because of how amazing roasted hazelnut butter smells. But, you can just use store-bought hazelnut butter if you want. You also don't need to make your own chocolate, you can simply melt some dark chocolate and use that. Much love, talk soon!