19 Jun 2020


Hello hello, hey hello hello! How are you, my friend? How has your week been? What's been nourishing for you? Scary? Energizing? I've been trying to balance rest and action; joy and sorrow; alone and social time. Music is a medicine (Erykah Badu!!), so are my house plants, garden plants, Netflix Party, and daily THC-fueled walks. 

I've been "reading" an incredible audio book trilogy from Tomi Adeyemi, called Legacy of Orïsha. It's been a powerful series for helping me emotionally work through how systemic injustice looks, sound and feels in our own world, even though it's in the fantasy genre. Wherever you are, this period of history we are living through is IMPORTANT. Let's keep educating ourselves; keep learning how to practice compassion and empathy with ourselves and neighbours; let's keep this momentum GOING. And remember: take care of yourself, too. 

Today's recipe is for.... a delicious and easy granola and yogurt bowl! Granola is one of those foods that I always used to buy in food shops, until I found out how quick and simple it is to make at home! DIY granola saves money, lets me customize to my preferences, and makes me feel cute and capable. Plus it is FRESH as can be, and fills your whole kitchen with a magic aroma. Today I'm sharing a super basic maple vanilla granola recipe based around oats, almonds and cashews. The recipe is vegan and easy to keep gluten free. I always pair granola with yogurt, and my new fave is Liberté's dairy free variety! They have plain, vanilla and raspberry flavours. This bowl obviously is the raspberry.

28 May 2020


Hello! I have returned after a loooong hiatus! I've just been, you know, getting through this global pandemic and trying to take care of myself. These past few weeks have been really good for me, though, and I feel myself starting to get inspired again. The skies are opening up, and so is my spirit. So, there's no better a time than now to share a wonderful recipe I have been working on.

14 Feb 2020


Tea: "the adoration of the beautiful among the facts of everyday existence. It inculcates purity and harmony. It is a worship of the Imperfect, as it is a tender attempt to accomplish something possible in this impossible thing we know as life."

-- Kakuzō Okakura, The Book of Tea

Hello, friends! Happy Valentine's Day. I have been reconsidering the art and act of love this year. I'm in a place where nurturing my relationship with myself is fundamental to the health of all my other relationships. As RuPaul exclaims at the end of every Drag Race episode: "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else!?" Point taken. 

So for this Valentine's Day, I want to share one ritual which allows me cultivate a deep sense of love, peace, and groundedness in my life: chanoyu! In English: hot water for tea. It refers to the centuries-old Japanese matcha tea ceremony developed by Taoist and Zen Buddhist monks. I'm going to talk about love for a second, then we'll get into tea, and finally you'll find my match tea recipe at the end of the post.

31 Oct 2019


Hello, all. How is everyone doing? I've got a treat for you today! It's cozy, sweet, and seasonally-inspired. In the festive spirit of Autumn, October, and Halloween: I give you... *drum roll* ... pumpkin pie pancakes!! (I understand you probably already read the title of this post, so that drum roll wasn't necessary. I just like drum rolls.) They are vegan and gluten-free, but you really wouldn't know it.

25 Sep 2019


Hey, fam! September is here, and that means some of us are BACK! IN! SCHOOL! I have been working my way through an undergrad for about 100 years, and that's no different this semester. So: I've been inspired to create some easy, nutritious and delicious recipes, that I can eat at home or on campus. One of these recipes is granola. It's been a fave food of mine ever since I was a kid. When I realized a few years ago how simple granola is to make yourself, there was no going back to your average store-bought varieties. Seriously: you throw some oats in a bowl, mix them around with nuts and maple syrup, then bake it all for 40 minutes. Voila. Perfect, fresh, and fragrant granola every time. It makes a quick breakfast before school, a light snack, or a terrific topping for ice cream and other sweet treats.