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I am open to projects including product reviews, sponsorships, collaborations, food photography, product photography, interviews, public speaking events and recipe demos. I have experience with all these and I love working with like-minded people, organizations and companies.

My work has been featured on/in BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post,, Postmedia, Vegetarian Times, The Guardian, VegNews Magazine, Palm Beach, LAIKA Magazine, Well+Good, Greatist, Shape, Chickpea Magazine, Elle, The Kitchn, Raw Food Magazine, YumUniverse, Yahoo Food, One Green Planet, and others. It has been nominated multiple times for Best Vegan Blog and Fave Vegan Cookbook in VegNews Magazine, won a 2016 Bloggy Award from VegNews Magazine, and won Best Vegan Blog on The Vegan Woman. I have done recipe demos and presentations at veg expos across the USA and Canada.

My email is emilyvoneuw(at)gmail(dot)com and I live near Vancouver, Canada.