deep dish chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake

Holy mega chocolate-peanut butter-gasms. This is THE Ultimate Epic Healthy Cake (notice the official-looking capitalization there). I set out to make one cake to rule them all, and I think I succeeded. But you should be the judge. Make the recipe and tell me what you think.

I would apologize for all the ice cream cakes I've been making lately... but that sentence just wouldn't make any sense: "I am sorry I have been making so many ice cream cake recipes." Yeah, that's just plain silliness. I am so NOT sorry. 

The crust of this is made of hemp seeds, flax seeds, cacao and dates; and the filling is a blend of bananas, dates, cashews, coconut oil, and cacao. I swirled in some peanut butter and raw chocolate sauce as well, and also put them on top, along with some cacao nibs and hemp seeds. 100% pure raw food goodness right here. It don't get no better than this.

And you don't need to worry about eating too many nuts (but seriously, nuts are so good for you) in a slice, because 1/8th of the cake gives you your daily intake of every ingredient! I'm clever like that. *WINK* Also, if you're allergic to peanuts, you can use whatever nut butter you want. I don't want to kill you.

So as always, you can indulge in this decadent dessert absolutely guilt-free. In fact, you can feel great about eating it because it contains TONS of good stuff for you. The benefits of eating hemp, flaxcacaoraw nuts, fruit, coconut oil and dates are too many to count. This cake is basically a super food nutrition house, in disguise as a sinfully delicious deep dish ice cream cake.

deep dish chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake: 

1 cup dates
1/2 cup hemp seeds
1/3 cup whole flax seeds
3 tablespoons cacao powder 

3 frozen bananas
1 cup dates
2 cups cashews
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 1/4 cups water or vegan milk, as needed
1/4 cup cacao powder
2 tablespoons nut butter (whatever kind you like, I used peanut butter of course)

Raw chocolate sauce
Fave nut butter 

To make the crust: pulse the hemp and flax seeds and cacao in your food processor until they become a rough flour, then add the dates and process until it all gets sticky. Press into the bottom and up the sides of a spring form pan. Put in the fridge. 

To make the filling: blend all the ingredients until smooth, adding water or vegan milk as needed to make it creamy. Spread evenly into your crust, occasionally swirling in nut butter and chocolate sauce if you're using them (soooo recommended). Put in the freezer overnight or until frozen solid, and let it thaw a little bit before serving, so it's nice and creamy. enjoy!