banana ice cream floats

these are gosh darn freaking ridiculous, if i do say so myself. and i do.


i got the idea from fully raw - a refreshingly cool site if you don't know it already. the girl who runs things is too cute... literally, i can't handle it. anyways. the recipe is MEGA simple. four ingredients, and only three are totally necessary: dates, frozen bananas, coconut water (and vanilla).

the coconut water is like the soda, because it's fizzy like carbonated soda, and sweetened with dates. i made these for me and my girlfriend, and the first thing she said was "wait, that's like actually root beer!? how'd you do that?" magic, friends. magic. 

i feel like i've been dishonest with all of you. i have a popular recipe for the "best raw vegan ice cream ever", but i had totally forgotten about this banana ice cream. i think what makes it so delicious is that the only ingredient is frozen bananas, which you blend. that's it. what you create is the most luscious, creamy, satisfying soft serve ice cream... EVER. so, call me a liar. i lied. THIS is the best raw vegan ice cream ever. 

banana ice cream floats: serves 2

2/3 cup dates
1-2 teaspoons vanilla extract
520 ml (around 2 cups) coconut water
ice cream:
3 frozen bananas

to make the soda - blend the dates, vanilla and coconut water together until smooth and foamy. try some! it'll taste like root beer, i swear.
to make the ice cream - blend the frozen bananas until it's like soft serve. you won't believe the beauty. pour the soda into your fave tall glasses and scoop on the ice cream. sip it up in the sun with people you care about!