9 Aug 2012


spa water! it's so pretty to look at, and the most refreshing thing to drink that i can imagine. here's a great article about it with delicious recipes linked at the bottom, such as "lemony lavender water". can you say YUM!? i can. yum.

in other news: MY GOJI BERRIES ARE GROWING! look at them... LOOK AT THEM.

maybe you can understand my excitement. maybe you can't. but i am thrilled, people. jumping up and down, singing to the clouds, hugging my goji bush - thrilled. this plant was not supposed to produce anything for at least one year, if it was ever to grow berries at all. but here they are in all their luscious, juicy, red beauty. our strawberries and blueberries are growing super fast too, and of course they taste A-MAZING. speaking of berries...

i think tomorrow i'll go on a fruit cleanse for a week. i've been eating really well and all lately but it's summer, fruit's in season and i may as well embrace it as much as i possibly can! besides, i feel best when i'm all fruit diet (for a certain number of days). i know as far as my digestive system goes, i'm really clean, but i wanna give my body a break from vegetables, whole grains and "processed" foods like sauces, seaweed and nut-based foods. oh, i should specify - i will still include greens.

addicted to kale for life <3

actually, scratch that. i will start on saturday. tomorrow my friend is sleeping over and we need to make a bunch of vegan delights, of the non-fruit variety. i'll keep it simple though because i don't want to eat a bunch of cooked food the day before a fruit cleanse. i think i want to make these coconut banana ice cream floats, and share a recipe for raw nutella!

stay tuned, my sweet darlings.

P.S. here's another weird song for you all to question my judgement to:


Anonymous said...

have fun at your vegan sleepover! how fun! I miss those days -- no room for a sleepover in my closet of an apartment in manhattan! haha and yay spa water!

Em von Euw said...

ahaha they never get old :) that sounds pretty cozy. yes - spa water indeed!

Kai St. Claire said...

That's so awesome! I'm excited for your goji berry bush. Man, this makes me so excited to one day have my own garden. I will seriously be in heaven when that happens!

Oh and Kale. Sweet. Sweet. Kale. I think we're all addicted for life ;)

Hope your juice cleanse goes well!

Em von Euw said...

thank you so much, kai! ah yes. kale and goji berries are all i need (well okay, not quite...) the cleanse is underway and awesome. :)