8 Aug 2012

chocolate banana berry pudding

first of all - one green planet is letting me write for them!!! <3 so check this post out on their website too. they're one of my fave vegan organizations and they cover all territories of the lifestyle in a very cool way.

now i have some questions for you: do you like bananas? do you like chocolate? do you like peanut butter? do you like berries? do you like delicious, health-giving food?

i sure hope so; because then you will love this recipe. it's so tasty, and as all food should be - good for you and your sexy bod. it's pretty much just fruit blended with some cacao and nut butter. you don't have to add nut butter though (if you want it to be fat-free).

i've made chocolate pudding with avocado before and it's freaking mind-blowing-good. but bananas and berries are amazing in their own right so this is an alternative version. eat it up! get your fruit for the day.

i can't understand why people would choose to eat processed chocolate pudding from powder that might cause chronic illness and cancer, when you can eat a whole foods fruit pudding that's cheaper AND will give you longer life, glowing skin, and optimal brain function. for me, it's a no brainer ;)

chocolate berry pudding: serves 1-2 

1 banana
handful frozen strawberries
handful blueberries
3-5 dates or prunes
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons cacao 
1/4 cup non-dairy milk (or more, add as needed)
1 tablespoon nut butter/coconut oil to make it creamy (optional)

blend all ingredients together until silky smooth! easy easy easy. top off with goji berries and mint if you have them. best enjoyed in the summer sun with people you love. and music you love... like this song:


Unknown said...

I love every ingredient of your pudding. SO I will make it. I will be checking out your post on one green planet!! This is so exciting:)

Em von Euw said...

thanks so much lysa! i think i have to make it again tomorrow >< yeah they're a really cool site. so many topics covered.

Caitlin said...

hi em! i just found your blog and i think it is awesome! i love your food philosophy and your recipes and photos are gorgeous. i can't wait to catch up and follow along with you. AND make this delicious berry pudding ;)

Em von Euw said...

hi, caitlin. thank you, lovely! that's really kind to say. looking forward to hearing from you again ;)

Marion said...

I too love your blog and have made Soooo many of your recipes! Beautiful:) my 3 yr old is crazy for your raw ice cream with chocolate sauce and choc avo pudding! Thank you;;)

Em von Euw said...

oooh i love hearing that, thanks so much marion!

Compliance Hong Kong said...

This looks delicious, I will try it out. Thanks for the recipe.

Unknown said...

Hi Emily this is soo tasty! I've made some diff variations before but this one is a keeper!! Ima health food junky & love playin w/ diff textures thank u ! U r awesome just found your site !