11 Aug 2012

yam noodles with miso sauce

holy yams! you might be skeptical about using raw sweet potatoes (yams) for food, but as soon as you try this, all your doubts will be vaporized. it's so satisfying. i don't know WHY you'd want or need white pasta with meatballs when you can eat THIS living, raw, cruelty-free meal. i took lots of photos, i hope you don't mind. 

nah... you don't.

hopefully you have a spiral slicer, but if not - a mandoline will do. and if you're REALLY ambitious, you could try to make the noodles manually. good luck.

i've been wanting to make these noodles with some kind of sauce and veggies for awhile, and the plan for this sweet potato (organic!) was to make this recipe then give it to a curious friend who had wondered whether you could raw potatoes. but um... i'm greedy. i ate it all at my house. don't judge me. i promise i will make this again and actually share it. it will be difficult, but i can do it.

 yam noodles with miso mustard sauce, avocado, cucumber & raisins: serves 1-2

1 yam (sweet potato)

1 tablespoon miso
1 tablespoon mustard
1 tablespoon agave
1 date
vegan milk/water, as needed (about 1/6 cup)
3 chopped garlic cloves

to make the noodles - slice the yam on a spiral slicer or mandoline. mix with a bit of tamari in large bowl and set aside.
to make the sauce - blend all ingredients together. if it's too thick, add more vegan milk/water. if it's too thin, add more miso, dates or mustard. pour the desired amount of sauce onto the noodles and mix in. you don't need that much.
i added chopped avocado, cucumber, beets from our garden, raisins, and parma... of course. i bet this with sesame or pumpkin seeds would be great too.


Anonymous said...

Those Noodles look devine!! Just made the miso dressing and had it on spinach salad. Yum!! Love love miso.

Em von Euw said...

oh awesome, i'm glad you liked it because i think the recipe is a tad different than what i actually made in the moment. thank you! i give all the credit to mother nature.

Kibby said...

I just won a Paderno Spiralizer as a giveaway gift and used it immediately upon arrival (I washed it of course) by making organic sweet potato noodles just like yours above and they RAWKED my world. I've been wanting to make them for some time but didn't have the right tool. Now I do, and having a blast spiralizing all kinds of goodies. Beets are next on my list this week to do. I marinated my yam noodles with some coconut oil, coconut aminos, 2 fresh minced garlic cloves, sea salt & pepper to taste. They were fabulous just like that! I topped my yam noodles with homemade yellow brandywine marinara sauce and fresh picked basil leaves = HEAVEN! Raw food is Happy food to me.

Kibby said...

Sorry, but I am trying to get the picture up and not the links.

Unknown said...

Can't wait to make this!
Hope you have a wonderful day!
Love and light.

Em von Euw said...

DUDE THAT LOOKS FREAKING OFF THE WALL YUMMY. yeyah buddy! spiralizers 4 life <3

Em von Euw said...

mm love and light, i like that :) thank you!

Amber said...


Joel missed out.

Em von Euw said...

ya. it's my own fault though.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused... Exactly HOW did you get the sweet potato to form noodle-like strands? Can spiral slicers slice that thinly? What brand do you recommend? Is the sweet potato safe to eat raw??

Unknown said...

Thanks you so much for your Blog! i often look at it for inspiration. I am not raw but i really think i might be heading that way! You inspired me to make a raw pasta dish today, and it tasted amazing!. I used parsnip as the noddles and whipped up a creamy cashew nut sauce which was a total success!. With apple cider vinegar, hemp seed oil garlic, herb salt and brewers yeast. So simple yet so alive with flavor. topped with pine nuts and fresh parsley. I think i officially crossed over to the other side now. love how food directly effects ones vibration taking a person to higher levels. --

Anonymous said...

Yams and sweet potatoes are not the same thing.... and I've read that yams eaten raw can contain toxins.

Jennifer said...

The way you prepare food is amazing and has changed our family meals forever! Most of these veggies I didn't even realize could taste good raw! My kids are even gobbling down raw zucchini and sweet potato noodles:) the recipes are so delicious I I can't wait for the next meal and find myself dipping random veggies in the left over sauces in between meals. We are not vegan (we don't buy meat though) but if this is what vegan food is all about I'm so IN! Thank you for all your time and effort of taking beautiful pictures to stimulate the mind and detailed but casual recipes to make it feel so possible to non-chef stay at home moms. I currently run a daycare from my home and the little ones have been enjoying some amazing sugar free snacks thanks to your site. Jen

amalhayati4 said...

I just made this and it is Epic! So so good! You are a genius =D I'm so glad I found your blog. This has changed my raw food life forever -and I'm only on my second recipe of yours :) Thank you! ...I made lots of sauce with this recipe and added extra miso and mustard to make it a little less sweet. I used all the fixins you suggested and also added alfalfa sprouts on top too. So delicious!