I wasn't even planning on making a recipe for the blog today but this happened all of the sudden and I was like, "Hey, I can take pictures of this." So I did. And now, here you are. Obviously strawberries are their own amazing thing all by themselves, but when you add sweet and creamy walnut butter AND cinnamon (mmm) AND chia seeds (crunch) you wind up with little bites of OMG that are perfectly excellent for your body. Hello, antioxidants.

I need to admit something: I've been lazy lately (by my standards, anyways). Mentally I have not been as psyched as usual about making recipes; for my cookbook (#therawsomevegancookbook yo) OR this blog. I felt a little exhausted by it all. I mean, I've been making recipes for this blog for 5 years straight, and I post a new one - with photos of course - 2-3 times a week. I also realized recently (it was a WTF moment) that I have been writing cookbooks NON-STOP since I was 18 (I'm 21 now). I sound like I am complaining, but I swear I'm not. My life is a crazy great dream come true. It's just that at some point you are about to set up a photo shoot for lemon tarts or whatever it is and you ask yourself, "Why?" I started this blog and got my first book deal (and second... and third...) because I LOVE MAKING AND SHARING VEGAN FOODZ and that hasn't changed. But the whole process can become wearisome at times. I think it's mostly because of the cookbooks. It's a very rewarding and exciting thing to do, but three in a row? While I've been in school? EISH. I need a break after this one.

I want to spend time dedicated to new hobbies like painting, writing, drawing and bein' outdoors. Which I guess leads me to next point, which is a question: would you be interested in seeing what I do outside of making recipes? Is there someone out there who wants to look at what I am working on a canvas instead of a kitchen countertop? Please let me know, because I would love to share more parts of myself with you all. Needless to say, the recipes are never gonna stop comin', don't ya worry 'bout dat.

Anyways: it's a relief to remember that even if I don't feel like making a recipe, random beauty manifests itself (i.e. in strawberry form) and as long as the lighting is good I don't have to put in a ton of effort to come up with recipe ideas you can - hopefully - appreciate. Let's dip.


1 pint fresh organic strawberries from the farmers market <3 
1/4 cup creamy walnut butter*
1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
1 tablespoon maple syrup
3 tablespoons chia seeds

Wash the berries. Stir the cinnamon into the walnut butter with the maple syrup (ya just made walnut-cinnamon butter). Dip the berries into the walnut-cinnamon butter, then roll around in chia seeds. Nom.

*If your walnut butter is way too thick, just use whatever nut or seed butter you have that IS creamy. If you just have chunky kinds, add more maple syrup and maybe some coconut oil or water. Or if you wanna change up the whole game, use this raw chocolate sauce recipe!

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