Sooooo it's going down FOR THE FOURTH TIME! I think the fourth time anyway. Pretty sure we've done four (well, three as of this moment) of these potlucks now. And every one has been amazing. The first one was about 20 or 30 people chillin' in Zoe's backyard (the picture you see above); the next one we had like 50 people show up and it went until midnight. The third one we had to cap the guests at about 30 because Zoe's old place just wasn't big enough (pics below). But now it's SUMMA BABY and we're heading outdoors to Trout Lake! So invite whoever you want and let's keep growing the vegan community in Vancouver! I have met inspiring, passionate people and eaten loads and loads (and loads) of kick-ass healthy vegan grub so I never want these potlucks to quit. 

Once I am done this third cookbook, I will have more time to plan the potlucks and so we can have them on a regular basis (like every month or something). Zoe and I have also been discussing renting a venue for future potlucks so we can have a dance party AND a buffet table of the vegan goodies you bring. Who's into that idea? Any plant-loving party animals in MetroVancouver out there? Let yourself be known! I am so down to boogie into the night while taking breaks to inhale kale salad and pumpkin soup. 

RSVP for this potluck via email - emilyvoneuw(at)gmail(dot)com and/or the event page on Facebook! 


What: another healthy vegan potluck

When: June 7, 2015, 3pm til whenever

Where: by the beachy area at Trout Lake, Vancouver 


Who: everyone is welcome, bring a dish that'll serve 8-10

Oh and PLEASE bring your own plate, cutlery and blanket to sit on :) 


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The above three pics were taken by Steph Yu and Kiefer Irvine.