If you couldn't tell by the title of this post; I am excited. Why? Because today I am sharing an amazing program that teaches you to how to be the healthiest you can be from Beyond Basics Health Coaching (BBHC). I would like to first say a couple things though.

1) This program is designed for beginners in mind. It has been created specifically for people who are interested and serious about evolving into a more organic, wholesome, plant-based diet and lifestyle, and looking to stay that way long term. If you are curious about becoming vegan, vegetarian, or simply healthier but don't know where to start - this program will change your life because it is exactly what you need. Of course if you are already confident and happy with your diet and lifestyle, this program would still be very useful (I thought knew everything there was to know about eating plants but after just a few minutes into one video I learned something new)!

2) I don't wanna make this post sound like a gimmicky, sneaky way to get money from you guys; although I am an affiliate with BBHC that I will be talking about, I am hardly interested in financial profits. I want this to benefit YOU. I hope you know by now that I have pretty high standards for the products and companies I choose to publicly support. This is no exception. I am super excited to be sharing this program precisely because I know it can help so many. I get endless emails from people who want to start living a healthier, more plant-based lifestyle but they don't know where to begin. Now I can simply direct them to this program because it has all the advice I would provide myself, plus much more.

Okay, let's get into this!

I would like to introduce you to Beyond Basics Health Coaching, run by Mary Pietras, who has trained holistic nutrition in Europe, has her BS in nutrition and fitness, is a certified holistic practitioner, and has almost completed her masters in nutrition. I have had several lovely talks with Mary on the phone and she is an amazing, inspiring woman who genuinely wants you to find your best health and - most importantly - be informed, educated and prepared to live healthy long term. We both believe knowledge is the key to success (and we agree on just about everything else too), so learning the right information is paramount to achieving long term wellness and happiness. Mary is a personal health coach and through her program she has had such great success with her clients that she decided to create a video series of her health coaching sessions so that no matter where you are, you can benefit from all the useful information she has professionally compiled. I have watched many of the videos myself and love the personal, educational tone.

What is this program all about? It is a series of 140 educational and cooking videos where Mary shows you how to - in essence - live healthy from the ground up. To be more specific, you will learn: how to make these changes fun and easy for you and the family, about new kitchen appliances (blender, food processor, juicer, spiralizer), how to satisfy your cravings with healthy foods and learn WHY you crave certain foods, storing and prepping food, replacing bad habits with healthy ones, how to find the best produce in your area, eating healthy in social settings, and the benefits of making your own meals. 

If that's not enough, you will also become educated on: the emotional, physical and psychological connections you have to your food, the benefits of super foods and how to use them, handling stress, adding in more veggies to meals with minimal effort, GMO's, organic foods, acidity vs. alkalinity in the body, gluten and wheat, eating healthy on a budget, making the best smoothies, detecting chemicals in your food, learning how to read food labels, making replacements for cheese, meat, bread, pasta, and more, and how to make this a successful long term lifestyle where YOU are in control. Finally, Mary provides a huge resource list of books, documentaries and websites (in fact, she found me because she wanted to include my blog and recipes in that list)!

You can watch the videos at whatever pace you feel is comfortable, although Mary has it sectioned to span 22 weeks if you prefer to follow that. You have the option of choosing a support buddy online to go through this program with. Mary has a private Facebook group that you will gain access to, and where you can ask any questions that may arise. There are weekly challenges and goals, and Mary will help you figure out how to reach your goal, or why you didn't manage to meet it if that is the case.

I have watched several of the program videos myself, and that is exactly why I am so excited to be sharing it with you. If you have the desire to live a healthier life, but are unsure of where to begin, then I honestly think this program is the key to your future success. If you are already feeling good about where you are, but want to take your health and diet to the next level, this program will also prove very beneficial to you. Is the information in this program available for free elsewhere on the internet? Probably. But no where else will you find it all compiled so neatly and with such a personal yet professional attitude and specific plan in mind. Think about it like this: I go to university and I pay quite a lot of money for it. Is all the information in my textbooks, lectures, and tutorials available for free on the web and other places? Definitely. But I pay for university because it is taught by experienced professionals and my courses have clear and guided direction and goals. This is the same situation (except this program is not expensive at all, especially considering what you are getting).

The big question. What are you paying to get 140 educational and cooking videos spanning all the topics I just talked about above and more, with information that will take you from ground zero to being one of the most knowledgeable people on well-being and health around, all taught by a successful, experienced and certified holistic practitioner who has been teaching nutrition for years? $150. 

This really is an amazing price considering the endless value of what you are paying for. The question for you is: what is your health worth? Mine is priceless! So $150 is a steal in my opinion, and I really mean that. You are basically getting 22 weeks of personal health coaching! If you want to purchase this program, simply click here and follow the simple instructions. I have said what I set out to say, and with that I wish you the best day and hope this program is something you are interested in! Much love, Em.

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