green love

i will never get over my infatuation with green smoothies. it simply will not happen. they are about as perfect, beautiful and miraculous as something get. take a gander at that luscious colour... that is LIFE you are seeing (or is gandering a word?)

i had this smoothie for my dinner because well... why not? so that means i had all liquids today! i drank a delicious glass of juice (cucumber, bell pepper, pineapple, apple, orange, tomato) for breakfast after my workout and this smoothie for dinner. i have had a really busy day and my body should probably have more calories but i am just SO TIRED and i don't like eating right before i go to sleep. i will make sure to have a big smoothie with extra protein tomorrow after i exercise. mmm, smoothie... *dopey smile*

I HAVE EXCELLENT NEWS: i have successfully converted my darling boyfriend to the dark, satanic and freaky cult of veganism. all jokes. veganism is the bees knees! or perhaps the more appropriate term would be the corn's ear? potato's eye? artichokes heart? i dunno where this is going. nevermind. point is - being vegan is the best option for you, the planet and our fellow animals! ANYWAY...

the boyfriend is vegan. 

green smoothie love affair: serves one

1 peeled frozen banana
1 cup kale
1 sliced apple
1 peeled orange 
2 tablespoons raw hempseeds
1 cup water or so
1/8 teaspoon stevia, if desired (or use a couple dates)

blend. sip. love.