16 Nov 2012

chocolate banana pie with coconut whipped cream

oh, baby! this pie rocks. or should i say... it RAWKS. (i know, i know. comedic genius. i think i might go on tour.) it's pretty much all raw but i can't lie - the coconut milk i used was not. i don't mind. this pie is too delicious to care. besides, before i went vegan i LOVED whipped cream and this vegan version hits the spot where whipped cream is missing in my life. it's actually better because it has hints of coconut.

i have made a pie like this before, and i felt i should make it again because well... do i need a reason? no. but now i have some nicer pictures of it. 

i would write a longer post but yesterdays post provided a pretty good summary of how i have been. busy but happy! i've actually gotta run now to make some fabulous quinoa sushi with my girlfriend while we watch lord of the rings. those movies are the most epic things that exist, i am pretty certain. 

try to think of something more epic. 

anyhoo - life is good. this pie TASTES good; makes ya feel good, look good - if someone were to bite you, it'd probably make YOU taste good. don't judge my logic. my excuse is that i am crazy. i am just rambling about nothing right now because there is some excellent music playing while i type this so i can't concentrate  but i also do not have the will power to turn off my music. wanna hear what i am listening to? check it.

chocolate banana pie with whipped coconut cream: makes one pie

1 cup pecans
1 cup walnuts
1 1/2 cups dates or raisins
pinch of salt 
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

3 peeled bananas (save one to slice)
1/4 cup cashew butter
2 tablespoons melted coconut oil 
1/4 cup agave/maple syrup
1/4 cup nut milk (use as little as possible)
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 cup cacao powder

coconut whipped cream:
1 can coconut milk, put in the fridge overnight
seeds from 1 vanilla pod
1/8 teaspoon stevia or powdered raw sugar

to make the crust, process the nuts (in your food processor) into very small crumbs and add the dates or raisins and the rest of the crust ingredients. process until it all sticks together. press into a pie dish and put in the freezer.

to make the filling, blend all the ingredients until smooth then let it set and thicken in the fridge. when it's thick enough, spoon into the pie crust and layer with that remaining sliced banana. set in the fridge.

to make the coconut whipped cream, put your mixing bowl and whisk in the freezer. take the coconut milk out of the fridge and spoon off the really thick stuff on top (full fat, baby, mmm). put this in your mixing bowl with the stevia/sugar and vanilla seeds and whisk until it's thick! i have a kitchen-aid so it's really easy for me. spread this all over your pie and let it set in the freezer or fridge for a few hours. or... devour it right away.


Cheyenne Holman said...

this is pure brilliance! i will have to make this, perhaps as a spesh christmas treat for them fam hehe
ps- your post made me giggle, reminds me so much of myself! except for the taste in music perhaps :)

Amy said...

This looks so fantabulous :)! I would love a piece right now! I was just thinking a chocolate banana cream pie would be delicious and then I see this! I am hungry ;)!

Susan said...

Looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Yum....making this! Love your Rawsome recipes <3

coconutandberries said...

Oh man this looks truly "epic"!! I can't believe I still haven't tried the old coconut cream trick! Must remedy this in making your beautiful pie :)

The Vegan Cookie Fairy said...

Ok, it is decided. I'm coming round to yours for pudding tonight.

Now I just need to find a private jet for myself...

Em von Euw said...

it's funny you use "epic" to describe this, i've been using that word WAAAY too much lately :)

thanks so much!

Em von Euw said...

HAHA! XD good luck?

my door is open for you! xox

Em von Euw said...

:) your recipes have the exact same effect. i'd love to see your version of this!

Em von Euw said...

thanks very much, Cheyenne :) i am very happy you think so.
haha yes i like ALL kinds of music. great to hear! xox

Toi said...

This looks amazing and since i'm experimenting for Thanksgiving I really want to try this. I assume you did but just incase, did you soak the nuts for the crust?

Em von Euw said...

Actually I'd recommend not soaking the nuts for the crust... otherwise it might be too wet. Or if you want, you could soak the nuts then dehydrate them (so their enzymes are at least activated).

Anonymous said...

I made this today! I just could not get the coconut cream to thicken up! Other than that it looks divine. Can't wait to taste it! Thanks for your awesome recipe!

Alex said...

Hallo Emily,

I gotta say, this pie really rocks! I've made it today, we had a non-raw friend coming over and he liked it so much he had three helpings! Perhaps I'd omit or lessen the quantity of the agave in the filling, but apart from that, it was divine!
By the way, I really, really love your recipes and your wit, you really are trully inspirational, thanks & expect to see more of my comments soon ;-)))

Em von Euw said...

Thanks so much =D Duly noted.

Unknown said...

Eating it right now ... Absolutely delicious!

Bee said...

Hi Em,
I made this yesterday and it was TRULY rawlicious and rawesome! Thank youuuuuuu!

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is a dumb question...on the coconut milk you say to just scoop off the top part of the milk. Do you not use the entire can then? Thanks :)

Em von Euw said...

Haha no such thing as a dumb question! Yeah, you can use the rest is a sauce, soup or whatever =) I like to add it to my bath.

OR you could use the whole thing, but it makes it more of a coconut cream than whipped topping, that's all.

Christina from Fussy Guide said...

Hi Emily!

Just wanted to say how BEAUTIFUL this dessert was!
I made it for my family who don't usually eat these kind of desserts and they LOVED it. Definitely converted! I've also tried your rainbow noodles and they turned out magnificently too. You have such a wonderful talent with your recipes I wish you all the best with it :)


realrawkitchen said...

This is incredible and I can't believe I just discovered this recipe! I've made lots of coconut cream pies and fantasized about adding chocolate but haven't because my hubby doesn't like chocolate (don't even... I know. it saddens me). But this has just helped me decide: it. is. happening.

Anonymous said...

made this a few days ago, and half has already been eaten by hubby and myself (hubby's not for sharing with anyone else - lol).

quick question though - you list:- pecans, walnuts, dates, salt and vanilla, for the crust, but in the method you don't say when to add the salt and vanilla, can you please say when they are added. I just went with what I thought was right, and added them with the dates !!!!!

Em von Euw said...

LOL <3

Oh right you are! Add them with everything else after the nuts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, I'm just wondering what size pie pan you used? Thanks

Em von Euw said...

Hey! I suppose it was about 8 inches?


Anonymous said...

Will coconut cream set the same way in the fridge?

Em von Euw said...

If you leave it long enough, yes :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Emily, I made your pie yesterday, my very first row vegan pie, and it was amazing. Congratulations for your website, you are very talented! And thank you for sharing this with us! Raluca

Unknown said...

holy moly Emily. this pie knocks socks off and gives me a whole new faith in raw desserts and rawdom in it's entirety. I made this for a dinner gathering and everyone went back for seconds at least. Heaven in the mouth. I used all walnuts for the crust along with some cacao nibs. Had difficulty with the coco milk solidifying though it was delish nonetheless. Also made your raw fruit tart recently and it was delectable. Look forward to trying more of your creations. Keep em coming :)

Anonymous said...

I need this,
In my mouth.
My hair
I don't even care I just need it.
If you aren't able to leave the milk over night, how long would you suggest leaving it for?
Could it be left in the freezer for a little while maybe?
Thankyou for all your deliciousness xx
Charlotte :)

Anonymous said...

I made this.
I ate a piece.
I stared longingly at the fridge.
I proceed to consume a ridiculous ammount of it.
Make it. And be prepared (unlike myself)

Natalie said...

Is coconut milk in the can raw? I use it all the time because it makes for such a delicious whipped cream, but I'm never sure if it is truly raw. Not that that will stop me from trying this :)


Em von Euw said...

@Natalie - technically no it's not raw :/ but damn it's so worth it haha

Magdalena said...

Hi Emily! I have a question, I can substitute cashew butter with peanut butter? Will it still taste good?
I want to make this cake but I have only peanut butter on hand...

Julia said...

This pie is just fabulous! I made it today for a little tea party and it was a real highlight!
I was asked several times to share the recipe. ;-)
And for me it is a very good vegan alternative for Tiramisu - which I loved in my non-vegan days.

Thank you very much for this splendid recipe!

Unknown said...

hola amigos pueden traducir al español por favor !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my God! I LOVE your recipes.

My friend's birthday is coming up and I'm going to make her this. But I have a couple questions:

For the crust and filling, you said "vanilla". Are you talking about vanilla extract? Just making sure...

You said, "to make the coconut whipped cream, put your mixing bowl and whisk in the freezer." What does that mean?! The whole mixing bowl should be in the freezer?!

Thank you!!!


Unknown said...

So I just broke my food processor trying to make the crust. Was I supposed to soak the dates before processing them or something? It wasn't a cheap processor or anything ($100) so I don't think it's the machine's fault.