14 Nov 2012

energy elixir

as i said on my facebook, i was feeling a bit drained yesterday after my weekend. but today i got TONS of sleep (maybe too much - i just kept sleeping because my dreams were so enthralling...) then had a great workout and drank a gorgeous pink jar of juice.

yum yum. i'll give you the recipe in a minute (or - due to the magical nature of the internet and time-space continuum - you may just scroll down.) last night i felt like just having juice today to get my energy back and guess what. it's already returned! all it took was some deep sleep, weight-lifting, and the elixir of living fruits and vegetables. i made a glass for mom too, since she was in desperate need of some nourishment after a busy day of random errands like getting a bunch of knives sharpened.

oh! just remembered something. heard of global girl? well if not - check her out. she just did a raw vegan dessert round-up for her fave recipes; one of them is mine. yes, i am indeed tooting my own horn. if you've got a problem with that - well you can DRINK MY JUICE!

oh wait, you should do that anyway. 

everything awesome life juice: serves two

2 carrots
3 tomatoes
2 apples
1 cucumber
3 slices of pineapple
4 beets
chunk of ginger
2 bell peppers
i think that's all i put in there... 

wash, slice, peel, chop and cut as needed. throw it all in the juicer! not literally, that would be messy. drink!

oh one more thing. PLEASE take a listen to this amazing woman. she is a visionary in my opinion. her albums are "projects" and she makes a video for each song. you can watch them all in a particular order and it becomes an emotional journey. she keeps you guessing. it's beautiful. 


  1. You have me real curious about this juice. I wouldn't think about mixing all of your ingredients together in one juice, but I am real curious as to what it would taste like. Nutritionally it is a super juice. I blend and don't juice and was wondering would it be as smooth as your juice. I use a high speed blender, so it should alright.

    1. honestly i have trouble keeping things simple (although when i do - it's usually great) so my juice recipes are often chock full of fruits & veggies. i think it's delicious when you mix a bunch of produce together for juice :) yeah! smoothies are AWESOME <3 they as smooth as juice but just thicker, of course.

    2. Hi Emily,
      What do you use for liquid in this recipe? And, do you use a bullet to juice or Ninja? Thanks for your feedback.

    3. The liquid is the juice from the produce! I use an Omega 350 VRT JUICER :)

  2. I'm sure this is extremely good for you and all, but the ingredients sound like they wouldn't necessarily taste like 'elixir', again I don't doubt the great health value...but...

    1. LOL what would an elixir taste like? This is it to me. It just makes me feel alive and young.

  3. hello!

    my sister and i are doing a 3 day juice cleanse this week... this juice is planned as our starting point :D.

    love your site... keep up the great work! have a wonderful day!

  4. i just got married. but you would have been an equivilent soul mate

  5. sounds very intersting!!! i would love to try this one out but if only for one question.... what do you think of replacing the pineapple with banana or something else?? my country isnt tropical and the only pineapple i get here is canned...

  6. @ofribi - use any other fruit you like :)

  7. Have you considered using a Vitamix. I used to use a juicer until I bought a Ninja which really reduced the quantity of ingredients because all the fiber remained. It also allowed me to throw some nuts in there so I could get some more protein into my drink. I kept me full longer as well as increased my energy as you suggested. Just a thought.

  8. This is so good!
    I´m on your blog since yesterday and try thinks and look at your beautiful photos!

    Thank you for sharing the recipes. For this drink I adjusted some things to what I had in my kitchen and I am amazed how it tastes and makes me feel!

    I made half the recipe and still have a lot - I used a Thermomix and blended it with ice cubes and a bit of water. I´m still amazed about the texture - it`s like liquid purple velvet. Thank you!


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