joni mitchell & a flower sundae

my past week was absolutely glorious. it was filled with beautiful people, splendid weather, delicious food, learning, growing, renewing and sleeping! having said that - i am now rather tired and burnt out. i may just drink juice tomorrow and have a nice mellow sesh of yoga. i spent the weekend mostly with my boyfriend.

ah, "young love". 

he had a small party where i had the privilege of meeting his charismatic comrades and the rest of the long weekend (monday was off because of remembrance day) we enjoyed the lovely, warm company of his childhood friend and HIS beau. we ate eggplant and quinoa, made art from national geographic magazines, watched a cohen brothers film ("barton fink" -  i highly recommend it!) and i personally was thanking the weather deities that winter is finally arriving! i hope with all my might that it snows soon.

finally got home this morning and studied non-stop until i had to go to work. but when i arrived home i found this little delight my desk! it was a gift from momma! she loves joni mitchell and i have a feeling i will too after i read her poems. i will enjoy her thoughtful mind with some lulling tea tonight. now - onto ice cream!

i mostly just made this tonight so i could give you guys some nice photos and something to (hopefully) salivate over. as i said, i was away the whole weekend and missed posting any recipes or pictures! apologies. i threw together a quick sundae and added some edible dried flowers. 

at least i THINK they are edible...


um, nevermind. i'll worry about that later. this sundae consists of vanilla coconut ice cream, a salted chocolate sauce, pine nuts, flowers, and a few dates filled with fresh cashew butter. seriously, i made the cashew butter while the ice cream was thawing. needless to SAY - it was delicious! i shouldn't have eaten all of it but... well, you know me.

here's some more free and excellent reggae dub to chill out too. it is never a bad time to play reggae dub. i want it played at my funeral. party.

flower sundae: serves one or two

1 tablespoon almond butter
1 tablespoon cacao
1 tablespoon raw agave/maple syrup 
1/4 teaspoon salt
water, if needed 
3 scoops coconut ice cream
3 dates filled with cashew butter
pine nuts
edible flowers 

to make the chocolate sauce, stir together the almond butter, cacao, agave/maple syrup and salt. sprinkle on all the other ingredients (including the chocolate sauce) onto your ice cream. 

xox, em