23 Jul 2012

curry with tofu & grilled vegetables

this curry is delish! mom wasn't here for dinner so it was my turn to make something. brown rice had been cooking and i figured some spicy curry with broccoli, leftover grilled veggies and tofu would hit the spot; since it has been raining all day here.

everyone said it was really great, in fact - jasper used the word "addictive". can't argue with that. we all took seconds. i'm glad it was so tasty because i didn't use any conventional curry recipe. i didn't even have curry paste. so if you're in the mood for warming curry, crispy tofu, tender veggies and rice; try out this funky recipe!

yellow curry with tofu, veggies & rice: makes a big ole pot

1 onion
4 garlic cloves
1 head broccoli
1 grilled red pepper
2 grilled zucchinis
2 packages tofu
1 can coconut milk
6 cups vegetable broth
3 tablespoons raw sugar (or other sweetener)
3 tablespoons tamari (or soy sauce)
3 bay leaves
3 tablespoons curry powder
1 tablespoon each of coriander, paprika, cumin, turmeric, garlic, and onion powder
1 teaspoon each cinnamon, chili flakes, and dill
1/2 teaspoon chili powder

prepare the tofu: sautee it on med-high heat with a bit of olive oil, rice wine vinegar and tamari (soy sauce) until it browns. set aside.

chop all the veggies. in a large pot, sautee the onions, garlic and all the spices together with 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of rice wine vinegar until they're translucent and softened. add the remaining ingredients, including the tofu and veggies. let simmer on low heat for 30 minutes or so, until the broccoli is cooked enough for you. see you if you like it! curry is easy to change.

serve with whole grain brown rice in bowls with chives, hot sauce, sweet basil, and gypsy kings. yeah man!

oh and i have some news: I GOT TWITTER! it's mainly to get my blog out there more (by "there", i mean the world wide web). so follow me, please! it's so weird that i have a blog and a twitter account now. i feel like such a participating member of my generation, a feeling that is rare for me. i'm a bit of an enigma... if you haven't noticed.


trailblzer said...

I made it tonight, I suggest adding fresh lemongrass, takes me back to my days backpacking in Thailand!! Dont panic, it's organic!!!!! peace

www.whatdoyoueatthen.wordpress.com said...

Damn this looks tasty. making it for dinner tonight with purple carrots, purple sweet potato and beetroot...will be a bit of a purple twist on things!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Gabby @ the veggie nook said...

Wow this just look so fresh and amazing! I love the addition of the dill! I definitely have to try this :)

Em von Euw said...

hahaha yeah! i really wish i had had some to add. my dad said the same thing (he lived in Thailand for years). thanks!

Em von Euw said...

great idea! i have beets but didn't think to add them. mmm that earthy flavour will definitely improve the dish. thank YOU!

Em von Euw said...

thanks, gabby ;) hope you like it!

smbp said...

WOW so amazing - I love that you made the curry from scratch!

Em von Euw said...

thanks :D it's really not that difficult!

Stephanie said...

Just made this for dinner. SO DELICIOUS!! I added diced sweet potato, brussel sprouts and lemongrass. Thanks for such an amazing recipe!! I also want to thank you for validating my feeling that I really shouldn't force myself into a dietary box. I'm gluten intolerant and vegan but I eat honey as well and try to do a lot of raw. I get hard on myself if I don't strictly follow specific ways of eating. My husband likes to tell me he's going to alert the VGF police! :) Anyway-- I'm excited to try more of your recipes!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I did eggplant, pepper, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, lemongrass, and kafir lime leaves, mmm so tasty and spicy! Thanks lady!

Em von Euw said...

oohh yum! :D anything to do with curry + eggplant = LOVE <3
thanks, guys

Unknown said...
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banana orange sofa said...

Fantastic recipe. I've made a few things on your blog so far; everything fantastic! This was the recipe that moved me to comment. Thanks so much for sharing and please keep them coming.

Unknown said...

Hi, I am brand new to the raw diet and looking into it. So I was under the impression that one cannot cook things over 40 C. If so, then how would one cook the rice or grill the veggies in this recipe? thanks!