bananas, peanut butter & chocolate - OH MY!

I've learned that I'm definitively addicted to kale chips and exercise, and in the past two days I've realized the combination of peanut butter, chocolate and banana is also a substance I cannot resist. That's right - today I have made MORE peanut butter cups for you (see my other recipes here, here, and here)... enjoy.

SIDE NOTE: This is my 100th post! Hurraw!

I don't know what it is... but all those components together create something so beautiful, delicious, perfect... so right. Peanuts are chocolate's best friend. Somehow they taste better together than chocolate does with any other nut or seed butter. I guess they're soul mates? When I made PB cups two days ago they were amazing (duh) but I had an epiphany. "Why don't I add banana to this!?" So I did.

Yes. I put a slice of banana in these peanut butter cups. 

You know it's genius. 
This recipe isn't raw, but you can make it so really easily. Just use raw peanut butter and chocolate! Pretty simple. I have cashew butter so I used some of that along with PB (I have jungle peanuts but I wanna use my cashew butter up before I make raw PB), and I don't have any raw chocolate currently so I used the dark Lindt we have. Mmm.

Jungle Peanut Butter Cups: makes 2-3, they're really big

1 bar dark/raw chocolate
1/3 cup raw nut butter/jungle peanut butter (I used a mix of PB and raw cashew butter)
1 sliced banana

Melt 2/3 of the chocolate and cover the inside of pliable cupcake molds with it. Refrigerate until they're hardened. Now spoon 1/2 the nut butter into each one and layer on a slice of banana. Put on the rest of the nut butter. Melt the rest of the chocolate and pour on top of the cups. Garnish with a jungle peanut, coconut flakes, or a goji berry if you have it. Perdy. Refrigerate until they're solid, take them out of the molds, eat!