happy pi(e) day!

Hello, my friends. Today is Pi(e) Day, as my mother so informed me! Because it's 3.14... get it? Yeah, pretty bad. Didn't stop me from celebrating though.

Any reason to make pie is a good reason. 

I don't know what the weather was like where you live today, but here in Vancouver it was GROSS. Cold and pouring rain all day, but the wind was the worst. Having said that - a large part of me really enjoys this kind of weather. This morning while I was waiting for the bus to campus, I was the only person facing the wind, with no umbrella or jacket; while everyone else stood with their back to it, trying to stay warm (smart). 

But I actually love the feeling of cold wind in my face now! I was totally numb by time the bus arrived, but of course as soon I got on I warmed up. I know there will always be chance to be warm again soon so I don't worry about being cold for short periods of time. Live a little - embrace the discomfort! 

Above is some really delicious whole-leaf green tea my LOVELY friend Christine gave me for Christmas; and beside that is MY HEART AND SOUL - Dante. Ask anyone who knows me, I am destined to be a crazy cat lady. I love him so much I cry sometimes. Anyways, just wanted to show some pics of my relaxed rainy day (on Sunday). Now, for today... Pies.

My mom made a vegan Shepard's Pie which the whole family loved, especially Greg, who's on his (now monthly!) vegan cleanse. Yippie! If you had told me last year he'd be vegan for a week out of every month - I would've laughed and not believed you. But he likes the way it makes him feel and look. Surprise, surprise.

And for dessert? I made my now family-favourite Chocolate Banana Coconut Cream Pie (click for the recipe) or for another recipe: I revamped it again here. I can't lie... this pie if freaking incredible. If you don't like - you need to see a professional psychologist and get your brain looked at.

You cannot go wrong with layers of nuts, bananas, chocolate pudding, and whipped coconut cream.
It is impossible.

And here's a cool song to chill out to on Pie Day. Enjoy. (The original is great too!)