water fast

Hey guys. I think Blogger changed Canadian blogs from .com to .ca, which is cool but it means I lose all my likes, shares, tweets and StumbleUpon submissions... hmph!

This weekend I will be doing a 3-5 day water fast; the duration depends on results and how my body reacts. I made sure to have no plans (besides homework, sigh) and Tuesday I don't have class or work. Thus Monday is the only day I'll have to worry about being active. If I don't feel up to fasting after Sunday then I'll stop. But I think I can handle it. We'll see.

Fasting has been done for as long as humans have been around. Our ancient ancestors "fasted" all the time unwillingly simply because food wasn't around everyday! And later on when people had food available daily, they chose to fast for many reasons. For thousands of years it has been one of the most therapeutic medicines. It is healing, detoxifying, spiritually-enlightening, and emotionally-reconnecting.

Think of important spiritual, medicinal and humanistic proponents - Hippocrates, Plato, Aristotle, Gandhi, Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus, Moses, and many more - they all promoted fasting for several different reasons. Fasting is encouraged in nearly every major religion in the world. Not only because it allows the body to heal itself and detoxify, but also because emotionally and spiritually you are re-awakened and are able to focus on what is really significant (besides eating).

I won't delve deeper into the health benefits right now because there's simply too much to say! Research for yourself, I recommend it. There are many excellent sources of information on the subject available online and in your library =)

I will give daily posts about how I'm feeling, how my body is reacting, and what I'm doing. I'll also provide a little more general info about water fasting. WHY am I doing this? Well, I need to cleanse. My diet has been pretty random lately (as has my sleep schedule). This will reset my digestive system and my circadian rhythms.

Also, I've been feeling out of touch with my Self lately. I have not really meditated in several weeks; and I generally just feel unconscious. I am not excited about anything even though there's many things I SHOULD be excited about. Finally, I'm not passionate about FOOD lately! I view this as a sign I need to take a break from eating; not only to remind myself how wonderful food is and be grateful for it, but also because it shows me my body wants to take a break from eating too.

Time to do some spring cleaning.

Well, that's about it. Please give me your thoughts, advice and support while I complete this! 
Maybe you wanna do it with me? Yeeeeees?