where SHALL i live?

Oh... the places I'd like to go. 

There are too many. I am fortunate I've already been to such a large amount of them because my family and I travel so much; especially me and my dad (on his BMW motorcycle).

Those bike trips are some of the best experiences I've had in my life, along with all our giant family road trips. Travelling for me is a time of learning - either completely new things, or realizing the truth about things I already knew about. Since you're in a unusual environment your brain thinks differently and you're able to look at things in a refreshing new light. I've had most of my epiphanies on the back of the BMW.

Travelling also gives you more knowledge about yourself; like all experience does. When you are in a new situation, your reaction to it is also new. That reaction is a part of you that you didn't know about before. In other words: you won't how you feel about something until you experience it! Thus the more you experience, the more you know abut yourself. I think this is vitally important in human life. It is a main reason I am who I am; because I've learned so much about my own soul-being on all my travels.

Now, I am on the subject of travelling to new places for a reason! Lately I have been thinking increasingly about building my tiny house, and where I want to settle down in it. I would LOVE to start building this summer, and then just use the portable home for road trips with friends (can you say FUN?!) until I actually move out, which shouldn't be for a few years at least.

I know generally what the layout of the house will be, and I want to use solar panels for electricity. I'm looking into self-composting toilets (... I know, okay) that I heard about from a reader. If I don't want to install plumbing, I can simply use filtered rain water - closed water system, hell yeah. 

As for my future place of residence - who KNOWS?! That's what this post if about. My criteria is that this place needs to:
- have a warm, sunny climate
- be excellent for growing a variety of fruits
- have tons of cheap fruit and veggies
- close to the ocean (it is the earth's heart!)
- have cheap, large and isolated properties that are still beautiful and in nature!
- have a rich cultural history
- be full of kind, wise, hard-working, welcoming people
- speak a wee bit of English so I'm not totally lost before I learn their language
- preferably be on the same continent as home (Canada)! This means easy travel with my house, and I can     drive to see my parents whenever I want.
- be fairly politically and economically stable (...)
- hmm... I can't think of anything else

So with that list in mind, I've narrowed my options down quite a bit. Currently I have my eyes set on: Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, or Thailand.

Some more options are Australia, Bali, California, Peru, Brazil, and Tristan da Cunha. As of this moment, I really like the sounds of Mexico or Costa Rica. They are SUPER cheap, still virtually untouched by development and industry in a lot of their land, right beside the ocean, on the same continent, I can easily grow/buy fruit here for next to nothing, needless to say their cultures and climate are incredible, and their people are kind. They both fit all my criteria. After my visits to Mexico, it is my favorite right now. 

I think if Thailand were on this continent it would be my first choice without a doubt. But sadly it's very far away, and I cannot own land there unless I'm married to a Thai. For those reasons don't think it will be my eventual home. New Zealand is also a little expensive compared to my other options, plus it's not close by. 

And I hate to say this but... Hawaii is PERFECT for climate, except that it's in the US, a little pricey and far away. I also would rather not live in California for the same reason; it's in America. Too many people! There are more people in Cali than in ALL of Canada. Too bad, because California is no question the best place to live for it's raw vegan community and climate for fruit-growing. 

As for the other options, they are all still on my radar. Tristan da Cunha is actually a pretty random one,and more of a joke than serious. It's the most remote and isolate island in the world, it's near South America, discovered in the 1500's, and only has 275 residents - all of whom are farmers. No new people are allowed to move there so there goes my chance. (Click the link to read more). Just interesting! =) 

Here's some good links if you're veggie and also looking for a new place to call home that's affordable and beautiful! Green Traveller Guides, Cheapest Destinations Blog, Buzzle, Best Places to Live For Raw Vegans, The Most Veg-Friendly Cities in North America, and Open Travel

Questions for YOU: where do you want to live? Where do you think I should live? Am I crazy?