23 Jul 2016


I made this in southern Minnesota for myself, mum and the grandparents. They actually really liked it!? As I type this I'm in Minneapolis (IT IS FREAKING HUMID HERE), but when I post this I'll probably be riding through another state somewhere, off to more adventures. The past few days mom and I were camping at Gooseberry State Park with friends - AMAZING - and before that we spent a week with family further down in the state. We've been on the road for over two weeks now and I'm having such an fulfilling, incredible time. This trip is giving me everything I needed, wanted, and more.

I've been skinny dipping in Lake Superior, nude sunbathing on volcanic rock with seagulls, eating TONS of banana ice cream (I brought along the blender and grabbed super ripe, super cheap bananas), discovered all kinds of wild berries and animals, gone on [leisurely] trail runs alongside rushing rivers, danced my ass off on rock cliffs to my favourite power tracks of the moment, cuddled sooo many barn kittens... you get the idea. I'm LIVIN LIFE, BABY. I am full of inspiration and excitement for the future. I want to go on more adventures, trips and meet new people, see new places and keep improving myself in whatever ways feel right. I am super stoked to get more serious about cycling once I get home. I'm finally going to invest in some proper gear... and a proper bike. I want to do more long distance riding and really dedicate myself to training. It just feels so good to be on my bike all day, so I wanna do it more often. I miss my room, our blueberry bushes, Dante (my cat) and my best friend, but I am still very pumped for the remaining two weeks of this cross-country journey with my mother. We have so many more friends to visit, meals to eat, places to explore and conversations to have. For now, let's enjoy this smoothie! It was epically sweet, simple and satisfying.



3 frozen bananas
2 peaches

Blend the bananas into nice cream using a high speed blender or food processor (it should be like soft serve banana ice cream). Scoop most of this into a glass, then add the peaches to remaining nice cream in the blender and blend. Pour this over your nice cream and enjoy! 


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Gemma said...

This smoothie looks super colorful and delicious. Love the way you served it with those cute peach slices.
Glad to read you're doing so good and enjoying your summer! :-)


Alex said...

This is obviously the wrong post to comment, but just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the oatmeal + pb combo. Had it (again) this morning and two thoughts came to me: 1) this is delicious! 2) Emily is awesome. So thanks for that & for a wonderful blog in general!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I am not a vegan but seriously Emily you are a genious !!! You creat food that not only looks amazing but taste like little drop of heaven !!!! Love reading your post before the whole recipe!! Just wanted to say thank you for all you do.Have a Emilytastic day :)

The Mindfoodist said...

I honestly live off of peaches in the summer. Great pairing with the nice cream :)

Unknown said...

Just made this and it was really good! Thanks for the inspiration and I'm glad you look happier :)

S. Mahowald said...

What did you think of Minneapolis?! Stay longer next time you're here and let's potluck! <3