20 Jul 2016


This is a travel post. I am currently on a month-long road trip with mum, across the USA to Minnesota and back home again to Vancouver, Canada. We are staying with friends, family and our tent along the way. Originally she was supposed to do this trip on her own but after I had my heart smashed into a million pieces AND simultaneously suffered a mental health crisis, she invited me with her and I figured it was pretty much the best idea ever. I was not wrong. We've had a ton of wonderful experiences together already and I know there's only more to come. 

The photos in this post are from the beginning of the trip, when we stayed with raaad friends on Bainbridge Island near Seattle. There were wild apple trees and berry bushes everywhere, tons of nourishing meals made from scratch enjoyed around the fire, mud masks on the beach, and a lovely kitty. It was a magical few days that were ripe with spiritual power and emotional rawness, sisterhood, non-judgement and healing. 

I am rebuilding my self - heart, soul, body, mind and everything else that makes up a person - slowly, painfully and gradually. But I AM doing it. And it feels liberating. Now with clarity in my mind and dried tears on my cheeks, I honestly feel I am better on my own. Being single is the best thing I can be right now: growing in self love and self trust, being around strong women, meditating and living fully. I'll leave you with some photos now... delicious moments on Bainbridge Island.



Unknown said...

I absolutely love the entire Seattle area! Bainbridge Island is a personal favorite. I am heading back that way myself in August for the birth of my 8th grandchild. :) Emily, I think you are a very courageous, strong, beautiful and gifted young woman. Don't let the choices of others make you feel any less than what you are, and that is an awesome woman!!! Taking time out with your mom is probably the best idea yet. I would have probably done the same if one of my three daughters was in need. I love your website, your recipes and your heartfelt articles. Each step that you are taking forward is step towards a better version of yourself. And that's a journey worth taking.

Katherine said...

This is such a lovely post, and I am so happy that you're realizing what a strong and wonderful person you are. I know from experience that self-love is sometimes the hardest gift to accept.

Unknown said...

Em, I have always wanted to do a US road trip. I'm Australian and live in Brisbane. I have two autistic sons and I have never been to the US or Canada; I've never been anywhere, really. Never even seen snow. Anyway, my fourteen-year-old son (who has Asperger's) and I watched The Fundamentals of Caring a few nights ago, a truly beautiful film about a disabled young man and his (sad) carer on a road trip, and now your travel post appears, and it feels like another reminder not to let this dream too fall by the wayside. So...one day, I'll get there. With my boys, hopefully. Thank you for your posts. I am happy to hear your tears are drying. I know what heartbreak is. When there's something amiss with your kids, heartbreak is like a slightly creepy lodger who moves into your house on the day of diagnosis, and never moves out. Eventually, you just find your way around him. All the best, Em. And thank you.


RebeccaY said...

Hi! Just curious when you'll be back in Van and if you'd be interested in letting a fan take you for some vegan eats (but you'd actually have to lead the way haha)
I'm considering booking a last minute trip to see some friends next week. Im in serious need of a vacation, mostly from my mental thoughts I seem to get stuck in here.
Just thought I'd reach out and see! Hope you're having a lovely trip.
~an Edmonton fan

The Mindfoodist said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful

Felicity said...

Em, this post is not only full of beautiful, calming photographs, but you also open up about yourself as a flawed but improving person. I love that.

You have no idea how much your writing influences me and my thoughts, making me assess my decisions and the ways I think about others. I wish there were more bloggers or people in the media who wrote as openly and kindly as you do, but I'm immensely glad you continue to share your thoughts with us.

Sending you virtual hugs and a lovely weekend!
- Felicity

Kumudha said...

Wow! so many delicious vegan recipes...

Thank you for inspiring people to try vegan fare