19 Jun 2016


I am focusing on my healing my broken heart and mind with whole foods, exercise, friendship, self love and time spent outdoors among the trees and moss. I am learning about the wonderful medicinal properties of particular plants, and discovering how they can help me to feel better mentally, emotionally and physically. One of these plants is the humble mushroom. There are so many different varieties: some poisonous, some magical, some medicinal. As long as they're aren't the poisonous kind, I am totally open to seeing how all these little fungi can be of service to me, my spirit and my body.

I have been experimenting with micro-dosing dried Golden Teacher mushrooms this week and it's noticeably improved my mood and cognitive tendencies. I am very excited about this progress and where it might take me. I have a few friends that are excellent, direct, organic sources for these mushrooms (welcome to the west coast). I am also taking pharmaceutical anti-depressants which frankly have been doing nothing beneficial for me, even though I've been on them for over a month now. But sometimes they don't show desired effects until 6 weeks of treatment, so I'm holding out. So far the only thing that has resulted from them was a total loss of energy, appetite and motivation which lasted for about two weeks. I am still hopeful though. I used to be against pills and Big Evil Pharma, but since then I have gotten my head out of my ass and realized that drugs can save lives. They don't work for everyone, in fact they don't work for a lot of people (especially anti-depressants) but they do wonders for some. If something can turn a person's life around for the better, who am I to say they shouldn't take advantage of that? Watch this video and get back to me if you disagree. Yes, the economic incentives in the pharmaceutical industry are arguably misplaced and damaging, but we shouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water here. Anyways, back to holistic plant medicine! I am very appreciative of the mushrooms in my life right now, and how they help me to get into more positive thinking patterns and not obsess over negative ideas or irrational beliefs. Add whatever your fave mushroom is to this smoothie, you probably won't even taste it but it'll do ya good!



2 frozen bananas
1/4 cup mint leaves
1 teaspoon spirulina powder
1 1/2 cups chilled coconut milk
1 teaspoon ginger powder
1 teaspoon mushroom powder (ex. reishi, chaga, whatever you like...)

Blend all the ingredients together until smooth! Enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

Please, please read " A Mind Of Your Own" by Dr Kelly Brogan before you continue taking antidepressants for too long.

Rainbow said...

Thanks for such a Beautiful email inbox this morning 'Magical Green Smoothie' Giant LOLS :) I will head to my garden for minty smoothie magic for breakfast. Also, loved the video you have linked, and completely agree. Nature is the best medicine as the saying goes, but sometimes we need more (art therapy, multiple yoga poses, chemical synapse reconnection assistance) and SUPPORT of our choices is important too.

Anonymous said...

there are tons of plants to cure our ailments, i agree.

but be proud of your work and be proud of life. Without your blog, everyone would have been depressed too.

you know in ancient greece, men and women were walking in the fields to find plants they love. When found, they cut them and bring back to house. No cars, no roads, only our beloved horses. So what's the point?, You teach me what men needs, something to be proud of, that makes happy and have the power to change men.

sojoa said...

Hello Emily,

so funny i decided to come by your blog this morning after a few months and find this magical recipe!
i'ts been a few years now since i've been taking golden teacher occasionally as well as other entheogenic plant medecines (or sometimes substances). just because i feel the call and the benefit in my own personal growth. but often we can get mistaken, waiting for this magic pill to do it all. it's a process which can take time and nurturing (i find). it's a beautiful path and so magical. it's a bit like hunting down pieces of a giant puzzle you can call life or existence. sometimes depression is a well hidden gift, sometimes too often misjuged, which allows me to plunge into the dephts and find my core. in a society (or faces of my personality) which focuses so much on wellbeing, achievement and productivity, it is a bit complicated ;)
Anyhow, i love your blog, which stands up not only for beautiful creation body mind and spirit but also for who you are and the transparency of your process and it touches me!

Helyn said...

First of all, thank you for this yummy recipe. And bravo for wearing your heart on your sleeve as you do--sharing such personal information with the whole world is very daring. I feel the need to throw in my 2 cents. It's your body, your life, your choice... but please, please do some more research on SSRIs/antidepressants. I have seen horrible outcomes with these drugs, ESPECIALLY on the spirit. They will suck the life out of you. This is just my perspective, my opinion from many observations. I'm not going to quote study after study here. You have at your disposal so many healing remedies in the form of natural, whole foods, herbs, superfoods, etc.. You're on the right path there! Please reconsider the drugs. All the best to you my dear fellow blogger. xo

Sophie said...

I must say, bananas are the magic ingredient in making any smoothie taste good. Not the exception here since I am not a fan of mint. But yes it attained the desired effects of making me feel better thank you!

Mira said...
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Kimberley said...

This looks really tasty :-) I hope you are feeling better soon, I am glad you are experimenting with different ways to heal yourself, that in itself hopefully is a sign that things are looking up... depression can often drain you so much that you cannot even see the point in trying to help yourself and is a pit I keep falling into (and having to drag myself back out of) time and again. I will remember your mushrooms next time I am down and it will make me smile! Loving thoughts from the UK xxxx

Anonymous said...

Mushrooms are great. However, if the anti-depressant you are on is an SSRI, they might make the mushrooms ineffective. Also, if you're on an MAOI, that's a really bad combo. I'm sure you've prolly done your research, but just a heads up.

I have also found that large (infrequent) doses have greatly helped my mental health.

Love and light on your healing journey. :)