First of all: this song and music video. Yessss. Love it. Body positivity all the WAY. Let's build a future where all bodies and all people are celebrated and recognized as gorgeous. A future where no matter what body you are born in, you have the same access and opportunities in the world as the next person. Let's measure human progress in terms of how capable we all are to live the lives we want; creatively, professionally, personally. Now onto today's recipe. 

I was originally planning on making a chocolate milkshake for ze blog with a new macadamia milk from Suncoast Gold I've been loving, but today I ended up blending together a delicious smoothie with the milk and figured it'd be even better for sharing on my blog because let's be honest: the vast majority of my recipes already contain chocolate. It's good to switch stuff up, and publish more colourful recipes sometimes. This smoothie is almost like a piña coloda except not really at all. It DOES have coconut and pineapple but also has a bunch of other ingredients that cause it to stray very far away from piña coloda territory. Ingredients like bell pepper, banana, orange, chia seeds and macadamia milk!

Yep. Milk from macadamias; bet you hadn't heard of that before (I hadn't anyway). Now that I know it exists the possibilities for milkshakes, cereal and smoothies are even more vast than they were when I only thought there was almond and coconut milk (ok ok and rice, oat, hemp, soy and all the others). Another vegan milk, another world of options for every meal you make. Speaking of cereal: I have really been missing it lately and wanna make my own raw version. Any suggestions? I will definitely be trying out whatever recipe I make paired with this mac milk, it's super creamy and I mean... the flavour of macadamia nuts is unreal. They're super rich thanks to their {healthy} fat content and like all seeds and nuts, full of nutrition my body wants (like magnesium, calcium, iron and B-6)! I've been adding it to all my smoothies and will for suuuure be whipping up some hot chocolate with it on the next rainy day. I prefer Suncoast Gold's Unsweetened mac milk because the simpler the better and I can always add my own sweetener (which I do). They also carry Original, which is already sweetened. Both are delicious and very smooth and creamy. I highly recommend trying their stuff out if you're into experimenting with new plant milks or haven't found one you're in love with yet. I personally adore them all (except soy just because the soy flavour is too strong for me) and this is another fun brand to add to the fridge shelf. You can find Suncoast Gold macadamia milk at Loblaws in Canada or Kroger in the States. 


1 banana
1/2 cup fresh young coconut meat
1 orange bell pepper
1 orange
1 cup frozen pineapple
1 cup ice
1-2 cups Suncoast Gold macadamia milk
1 tablespoon chia seeds (optional)

Blend all ingredients together - except the chia seeds - until smooth and delicious. Adjust according to preference, add more milk, fruit or some ice if you like. I personally like my smoothies with a thinner consistency and frosty cold. Decorate your glasses with sliced fruits (I used orange and cucumber), sprinkle on the chia seeds and enjoy!

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This post was a collaboration project between This Rawsome Vegan Life (moi) and Suncoast Gold.