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Hosted by two fabulous feminists of colour - Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton - this is one of my top recommendations. They're hilarious, super talented, critical, on top of pop culture and not afraid to say what needs to be said. I am so grateful for podcasts like this one because it allows me to listen in on conversations and discourses I'd otherwise be clueless to. They discuss everything from Beyonce to politics to food to mental health. They interview interesting people, tell personal stories, and there's a lot of laughter, bourbon and love. They're turned me on to The Good Wife, Food Heaven Podcast and probably a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting about. Listen.

Addictive podcast alert. Investigative journalism about an unsolved murder in the first season, and the bizarre world of the U.S. military complex in the second. The host is Sarah Koenig and she keeps you hooked. Some people say they preferred the first season - it's a lot sexier and more mysterious - but I am loving the second season just as much, for different reasons. A great one for gaining insight into how people think and act, and how that intersects with the institutions we all live under and in. The story-telling and pacing here is what gets ya. 

Yessss. Such a well done show from Bitch Media all about feminism and pop culture. Every episode is well-researched and surprisingly fascinating. For example: I just listened to one about the role of women in cults, the relationship of women and cults, and found out Celestial Seasonings Tea was founded with some principles in a religious book that claimed aliens were real and racist eugenics were required to save earth. Suffice to say I will not be buying Sleepy Time anymore. They also do "BackTalk" episodes wherein two of Bitch Media's editors chat about pop culture news of the week and often call people out for being problematic assholes. Somebody's gotta do it. 

Episodes are on the shorter side (15-20 minutes) and consistently well-done, each episode is totally unique and the only shared - and vague - concept between them all is a criminal-ish element. Phoebe Judge is the host and the podcast description is a good one: "Stories of people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle." Topics range from a 10-year old kid hacking the internet to a Venus Fly Trap crime ring in North Carolina to the debated legitimacy of "PMS Defence" to a protective mother owl murdering a woman and getting away with it. Thanks to the narration, music choices, editing and excellent story-telling, this podcast is one I look forward to every time I see a new episode. 

Host Lea Thau and her voice are easy to fall in love with. She is so raw and honest in her podcast that you can't help but adore her and her show. Each episode looks into a story that has sooomething to do with strangers, whether we are talking explicitly about people who have never met ending up in a strange situation (like donating your kidney to a stranger or waxing strangers' genitals) or more philosophical strangeness (like not recognizing yourself in a mirror). Lea has a knack for turning micro stories into macro stories, looking at the big picture, and reimagining her stories in a way that makes them relatable to everyone. She also has great taste in music. 

Sex time. Dan Savage - "America's [gayest] sweetheart", livin' it up Seattle with his husband and their son - hosts this show wherein he gives advice on ALL things sex-, love- and relationship-related. He is brutally honest and usually makes me laugh out loud each episode, often thanks to his shameless dirty mouth. You hear callers explain their problems or questions - basic example: threesome or no threesome!? - and Dan lends his two cents with no beating around the bush. This podcast helps me keep an open mind about sex and relationships and allows me to realize things I might take for granted in romantic relationship, things I want to try... and things I DON'T want to try. I cannot imagine a more sex-positive show. Please inform me if you know of any. Note: apparently several years ago Dan used to make comments that were kinda transphobic but since I started listening he has been nothing but trans-inclusive. People change. 

Two body-positive, very smart laydees - Lesley Kinzel and Marianne Kirby - having amazing discussions with each other about their experiences as self-proclaimed fat women in America. My fave episode so far was about how being fat queers the body, since it resists fitting into hetero-gendernormative categories. Unfortunately they only did the podcast til 2013, so there are limited episodes, but most are at least a couple hours long so it balances out a little. I'm still not finished with it. The podcast is based on Lesley's book, Two Whole Cakes: How to Stop Dieting and Learn to Love Your Body, which I just borrowed from the library. It's probably gonna be amazing.

Just started listening to this one, it was recommend on the Savage Lovecast. I've been thinking a lot about death lately, and I'm always thinking about sex and money, so it seemed relevant. Hosted by Anna Sale, the episodes are all pretty different: one of my faves so far was when Anna talked to various folks who lived alone, about living alone and what it means / does for them. I'm kinda tired of living at home and have been daydreaming a lot about living on my own lately, because I never have, PLUS our house has always been full of people (two brothers, two cats, two parents and lots of friends and parties). 

Another one I only just began downloading, thanks to it being mentioned on Another Round. It's a charming, cute, informative show about science-based, vegetarian healthy living, hosted by two women of colour - Wendy and Jess - who are both registered dietitians. I already know most of the info they share but I really enjoy hearing them back up their recommendations with peer-reviewed studies and their own experience working with patients. They also have a terrific YouTube channel called Food Heaven Show.

Cannot stop myself from bursting out laughing during this one. The hosts are the perfect pair and work way too well together. Their podcast description says it all: "Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi take a weekly look at all the issues important to ladies and gays... and treat them with much less respect than they deserve." They basically just talk about all things pop culture and connect them with gender justice, civil rights and hilarious personal stories while making of themselves and everyone else at the same time.  

Health and fitness inspo in a very L.A. style (whatever that means). Rich Roll is a total vegan celebrity and incredible athlete and in his show he interviews people who are winning at life, basically (vegan doctors, entrepreneurs, fitness celebrities, etc.) I've been listening to this one a lot less lately just because I've been so turned on to all of the podcasts above, and I've also become loads more critical of pseudo-science, rhetorics about health, fitness, and the idea of veganism as the perfect diet for everyone (it's not). This podcast has good advice for a very privileged minority of people (which I am in, but still). Fun for road trips or when I wanna know what the newest superfood is. I'm not that into the ones about how to succeed in business or life though, I prefer to take it easy, watch Netflix and just eat a lot. 

Makes 1-3 servings

1 yellow bell pepper
1 cup cucumber
1 cup frozen pineapple
1 cup ice
2 bananas
1/2 teaspoon spirulina powder
1 tablespoon ground flax seeds
3 pitted dates
1 cup spinach
Juice from 1 orange

Blend it all up, adjust according to preference (add more ice, fruit, etc.) and enjoy!


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