17 May 2015


My babes! I got some news! Jack (my lover) and I are doing a juice cleanse for around 3 days, or whenever we feel like stopping. We started yesterday. Neither of us are too strict so we're also consuming raw fresh fruit if we feel like it, veggie broth with seaweed, chia seeds and banana ice cream. The point of this cleanse is to refresh our digestive systems. More on this below. I will be posting all the recipes we consume so you can join in! I'd love it if you did because it's more fun to share experiences like this than doing it alone, and I know a lot of you are into juice cleansing. So if you do wanna join, I encourage you to post your comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let the rest of us know how you're doing. 

I want to reiterate: this isn't a very strict cleanse, I want you to transform it into whatever YOU need. Whether that be simply adding these recipes into your daily diet, trying one or two, or doing the whole thing with me and Jack. I'm not into calorie counting, restriction, or focusing on numbers. I AM into feeling good and having an optimally functioning bod. Which brings me to the question: WHY AM I DOING THIS?

Firstly, Jack is doing it with me because he's the best, and also because before we starting sharing our lives together he did not have the healthiest lifestyle. He wants to clear out the junk that is probably still sitting in his gut. Now for me: lately for the past few months I have not been digesting food as well as I first did when I went vegan. I also have developed this weird red, itchy rash type thing around my nose. It gets flaky too. Ugh. I didn't understand for a long time why it was appearing because I eat about as healthy as I can imagine a person can and simply by being vegan I don't eat any of the foods that can cause skin problems. It's not THAT noticeable when I use apple cider vinegar as a toner and coconut oil as a moisturizer, but it's still there and it has been buggin' me like CRAZY. I've self-diagnosed that it's perioral dermatitis with the help of the internet, which is a bacterial overgrowth that shows itself on the skin, usually around the nose and mouth. Virtually all the info on the web says you should just go to the doctor and put this nasty cream on it. The holistic crowd says use ACV and coco oil. But both these answers are not adequate for me; they don't  recognize that this bacterial overgrowth is a SYMPTOM of something that's wrong inside the body. But hey, that's western medicine for you. 

I've decided that my gut is not is ideal shape. My poops should be better, my skin should be FINE, and I shouldn't feel as bloated as I often do. Plus, I've been getting headaches all week. I wanna reset my digestive system by giving it a break from the enormous amounts of solid food I usually eat. So I'm doing this cleanse. I wanna give my body a ton of easy-to-absorb nutrition in mostly veggie juices, along with herbal antibiotics (to kill the bad bacteria) like garlic and ACV, and probiotics (to feed the good guys) like sauerkraut, miso and almond yogurt. If this doesn't work, I'm gonna go see my doc. I need to get my blood checked anyways, just to make sure all is well in my veins. We should ALL be doing be doing this on the reg, in my opinion. 

So there you have it. We will see if this cleanse gives me what I am looking for. If not, I'll probably feel great by the end of it anyways. Here's some things to remember if you're joining us:

- Focus on juices based around vegetables and greens. 
- Supplement with other stuff if you like. Examples: veggie broth, chia pudding and whole fruit, probiotics like unpasteurized miso, sauerkraut and non-dairy yogurt. 
- Drink butt-loads of water to keep everything moving.
- Do what ya feel; if this cleanse makes you hate the world, you should probably just stop it and make a big salad. Or if you feel like you need to make more or less of the recipes to feel satisfied, do it! 

Done. Menu and recipes for yesterday are below! x


And throughout the day: 
- 1 gallon of water, usually mixed in with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice

Serves one

1 big bunch kale
3 peeled garlic cloves
1 tablespoon chunk peeled ginger
8 small apples
1 cucumber 

Juice it all up and drink it all down.


We went on a bike ride and then ate chopped mangoes in the sun.

Serves one

5 small mangoes, sliced


Serves one

4 beets
8 small oranges
2 peeled garlic cloves
1 bunch celery 

Juice it. Drank it.


For dinner we had vegetable broth with nori sheets. It hit the spot.

Serves one

1 litre vegetable broth, low in salt and made with organic ingredients
5 sheets nori, ripped up
1 peeled garlic clove, minced

Simmer the vegetable broth on low heat and add the seaweed. Add the garlic when you take the broth off the heat. Enjoy.

Serves one

4 frozen bananas
Water, if needed
1 tablespoon almond butter (optional)
1 tablespoons chia seeds

Blend the bananas into soft serve ice cream in a blender or food processor, adding some water if you need to. Sprinkle on chia seeds and almond butter. Mmm.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Sorry to hear about your issues. I've got problems with a fungal skin infection as well and noticed that's mostly due to a diet high in fruit. Sugar (yes, fruit sugar as well) feeds those bacteria. They do so in the gut and on the skin.

I've gotten great results switching to starch based. It has more benefits though. It's so cheap, equally delicious, A LOT more satisfying, sustainable and nutritious.

I do miss the huge fruit meals though, but the benefits outweigh the cons.

Maybe worth a try for you as well?

I, too, noticed that the combination of dried fruits and fats is the worst for skin and digestion.

Take care!!


Cassie said...

I have a HUGE question!! I'm going to try a plant-based diet/lifestyle over the summer and I was wondering how to begin? What should I keep in mind when doing so??

Unknown said...

I haven't done a juice cleanse in forever! I'd love to do something similar as I just had a pretty rough week, which lead to consuming copious amounts of sugar and baked goods haha. No shame! Just sayin ;) Maybe I'll join in tomrrow.

Anonymous said...

I found out I had a bad candida issue a few months ago and I believe too much fat could have contributed (along with an already ill functioning digestive system and leaky gut). Could fat be a contributor for you as well? All the best.

L. T. said...

I've had a lot of experience with this skin condition and psoriasis and candida issues, as well as digestion problems. You are correct in connecting the digestion with the skin issues.

From my experience the best way to get long term relief from these issues is to take a naturopath prescribed high quality probiotic (not one off the shelf at the pharmacy - must be practitioner only high quality) for about 4 months every day to build up better gut flora and immune system function (yes it takes that long!). If you do not want to use probiotic capsules you must ensure you eat sauerkraut and other fermented foods every single day for about the same length of time, which is quite tricky but can be done. Sauerkraut has the best probiotic count, but others like Kefir are great too.

Sleep is also extremely important. Just one night without sleep can be very detrimental to gut flora and also your skin repairs and heals itself during sleep. Stress is the next contributing factor, and also lack of exercise - however i know you get your exercise, so this isn't a problem for you.

Bad bacterias are fed by sugar - this is true - however that does not mean that we shouldn't eat fruit. Also if you do cut down fruit consumption you can develop an intolerance to fructose which can cause indigestion when you do eat some. Good and bad bacteria and fungi in the body are all fed by sugar, but if you become imbalanced then that's when the bad fungi and bacteria becomes stronger, as it is able to feed more. Once you get this overgrowth it really can only be treated by months of consuming good bacteria every day, getting good amounts of sleep every night, keeping stress levels down, and exercise.

Also - go see a naturopath! They won't treat you with antifungal creams. They'll help you find the cause rather than treating the symptom. When you get blood tests done you can also ask for a candida count, which will tell you if you have an overgrowth or not in the blood.

L. T. said...

Bad *bacteria is fed by sugar

Anonymous said...

I'll join in too! I'll try your recipe creations. xoxoxo

coconutandberries said...

Oh bummer, that sucks Em.
I dealt with some very similar issues - including psoriasis, that flaky skin around my nose, blepharitis and compromised digestion - back at the end of 2013 and it turned out it was candida I followed a strict anti-candida diet for 3 months (no sugar inc. fruit, gluten-free, low starch, etc.) and felt a million miles better.
A juice cleanse is definitely a good idea to give your bod a break from digestion. Hope that works for you!

Millie | Add A Little said...

These juices soun amazing and love that you've incorporated some solid food here too! Just wondering what the garlic is like in a juice, what's the flavour like?

Anna said...

Absolutely love this idea!! and everything looks sooo delicious :)


Anonymous said...

@ L.T.:

That you'll develop an intolerance to fructose if you moderate fruit consumption is nonsense. It'll NEVER happen. Than all our ancestors must have gotten fructose intolerant as they didn't have access to fruit the whole winter. And science says "no" as well. If you have evidence that sais otherwise, please post it down below.

I'm not by any means demonising fruit!! I just say that too much of good thing can become a bad thing and the fruit intake of 801010ers and RawTill4ers is maybe too much. In my opinion it is undoubtedly too much and far away from a balanced vegan diet and this is proven by science as well. Just watch some videos of Dr. Greger or one of the other plant-based doctors if you don't want to do the research.

Otherwise you're right.

Chelsea said...

Alright, you've inspire me. I work 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM twice a week with an hour between shifts to drive from one job to the next. I never eat well on days like these unless I spend $10+ on a rushed lunch once I get downtown. So today I'm having a cherry-berry-banana smoothie with almond milk and pulp, a sprout salad with tahini, and a cooler full of juice that I can drink while I'm on the desk (beet-orange, carrot-apple-ginger, and lots of veggie-only green juice.) I'm sure I'll have a full meal at dinner, but at least now I (hopefully) won't be so hungry I'll just binge on whatever is readily available. Maybe this will be a solution to eating well with my stupid schedule!

Angie said...

I'm in! I'm on day 1 of a 5 day juice cleanse.

Unknown said...

Hi Emily,
Longtime lurker, first-time commenter :)
I've had lifelong issues with acne and other skin issues, even though I'm one of the healthiest eaters I know! Lately it's been clearing up because I started going to an acupuncturist/traditional chinese herbalist, and she was able to help me troubleshoot my diet which needed re-picking for sure. Sometimes the things that worked for you in the past stop being as suited for you- our bodies are always changing! And having a well-qualified fresh set of eyes helps, especially if they are on your wavelength holistically.
I also use western meds on my skin in conjunction with healing my bod internally. No shame! We all gotta do what works for us, and if you have a whole-body focus you'll get there in the end.
Wishing you the best!

Crista said...

I've had similar issues as yourself, and should consider a quick "cleanse" ...thanks for the inspiration and good luck feeling better!

Hira said...

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Unknown said...

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robinjack said...

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Em von Euw said...

I use Blogger! It has advantages and disadvantages. I'd probably recommend going with Wordpress, or Squarespace.

Unknown said...

I love this green juice with garlic + ginger! That's just what I read about this recipe; it will really help me to make this recipe. It's such great reading for me. I like Organifi green juice too. Thank you so much and keep it up!

Abhishek Jaswal said...

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