24 Apr 2015


YUUUUMMMMM. These are pretty plain to look at but the flavour is unreal. They are oh-so-gooey, sweet, and easy to grab as you're about to start a workout or head out the door. Or at any moment. Of course, they're also good for you. Mostly just dates, nut butter and a scoop of an awesome organic vegan superfood blend called Nourish. I made these a few nights ago - in just a few minutes, I might add - because I was craving something chocolate-y (the PMS struggle is real).

I shared it with gave it to Jack and he said it was the best recipe I have ever made! 

Keep in mind he was under the influence of some medicinal herbs so he probably would have thought a straight-up head of lettuce tasted incredible, but STILL.

The mixture of the walnut butter with the dates and Nourish make it taste like those "fancy" chocolates I used to love when I wasn't vegan: Purdy's Hedgehogs! I'm not sure why people like to make chocolates in the shapes of animals that have nothing to do with the food, but I'm not gettin' my panties in a twist about it. I DO let my panties get twisty when I see ads and restaurant signs that present animals in their living form - example: a dancing cow or a pig wearing a chef's hat - that SERVE those same animals, dead and cooked on plates. In my head I imagine if roles were reversed and things just get weird and disturbing after that. I am going to stop this ramble right now and move on to telling you about something much more pleasant: Nourish! It's a powder blend of organic dried plant foods like cacao, mushrooms, fruits, roots and seeds. Made by a company called Immortal Food, whose vibe is promoting living healthy and getting strong on plant-based nutrition. Yay! I like this blend because it's not super protein-rich like some other ones. We don't need that much protein. It also has a lot of dried fruit ingredients like bananas and berries so hey, antioxidants. It's main ingredient is organic cacao powder so basically anytime you want super powered chocolate, just use Nourish instead of cacao or cocoa powder. Done.

Alright, Jack and I are about to hit up da gym so I'll talk to ya later. Recipe is below!

Makes 8-10 bites

Caramel layer:
1 cup gooey dates 
2 tablespoons water
1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder

Chocolate layer:
1/4 cup walnut butter
1 scoop Nourish 
1 teaspoon water, if needed

To make the caramel: pit the dates then mash them with the water and vanilla until you get a thick caramel-y mixture. You NEED gooey dates for this, otherwise: try soaking drier dates in water until they get more moist. Press this mixture into cupcake papers or a small lined baking pan.

To make the chocolate: stir all the ingredients together until smooth. If your walnut butter is very thick, you will have to add some water. Otherwise: use any other nut or see butter you have that is liquid-y. I like Prana Bio nut butters for this. Scoop this mixture on top of the caramel layer and freeze until solid (a couple hours at least).

Notes: you can use cacao, carob or cocoa powder instead of Nourish if ya want, you can use vanilla extract instead of vanilla powder, and you can use any nut or seed butter instead of walnut butter. I was paid by Immortal Food to feature their product in this recipe, but I only feature and accept payment for products I genuinely like. Ah, the complicated life of a professional blogger.

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Anna said...

yumm this looks soo tasty and delicious!!! can't wait to try it :)


Leslie R said...

this looks amazing. I've never baked with dates... are those date seeds on top? or sesame? i'm such a vegan NOOB!

Quincy @ Shugurcån said...

Sometimes the simplest desserts are the best. I'll take Jack's word for it (;

Christine (The Raw Project) said...

Such a simple and tasty recipe, looks amazing. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

These sound delicious! What would you suggest as a substitute to Nourish?

Cassie said...

Wonderful dessert!!

Anonymous said...

Random, but since you mentioned going to the gym...can I ask what you use for deoderant (if anything)? I work outside and I sweat..a lot. I know sweating is natural, but I don't want to smell bad. I've tried several natural ones, but they are essentially just perfumes that seem to wear off pretty quickly.

Millie | Add A Little said...

Wow these look so delicious! I love the simplicity!

Ana's Rocket Ship said...

This is so easy! And I don't have to worry about eating it all before it goes bad!

Anonymous said...

This looks AMAZING!
I have been following your blog from the beginning and I must say your recipes always amaze me! Your creativity is endless! And these fudge bites sound so good, I have to go try them out.

amber said...

Wow, these look so ooey-gooey delicious! Can't wait to try them. :)

RavieNomNoms said...


Anonymous said...

I believe its sesame seeds c: