Alright. So these are so crazy yummy.

I inhaled all of them within minutes and it's a true miracle I was able to hold off until I got some semi-decent photographs. The crepes themselves taste like banana bread and if you roll them up they'd be a terrific, healthy and addicting snack wherever you go. If you can control yourself and not eat them all before you leave your dwelling, that is. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here.

Obviously the berry ice cream is the bomb dot com as well, because the base for it is frozen bananas. If you eat vegan and/or raw food and haven't tried banana ice cream yet... what are you doing with your life!? I'm not hatin', but seriously!? It's a game changer, dude. Get on that NOW. So we've got delicious, creamy, sweet berry nice cream inside a banana bread fruit roll-up and we top that off with mango chunks, cinnamon and mint leaves. HELLO, HELLO. This is why I inhaled them all so fast. (Also because I was in a rush to run out to a friend's potluck, but still.)

Before going vegan and mostly raw, I didn't eat crepes that often and if I am being honest (which I am...) the thought of crepes didn't get me off that much. I never super duper liked pancakes or waffles as a kid either - unless they were covered with peanut butter, but this rule applies to all things - and crepes just seemed like fancy pancakes. So my attitude about them was very "meh". Still being honest: I haven't changed my thoughts on these foods much since I was a wee tot. Call me crazy but I'd choose a bowl of mango slices covered in cinnamon or a giant green smoothie over crepes any day...

UNTIL TODAY. Or actually, a few months ago when I tried raw vegan crepes for the first time at Tao Organics in North Van. Another game changer, they were. Ever since then I have had them on my recipes-to-make list for da blog. And finally here today, I share my version (which happens to be low in fat and high in DAMN TASTY). As some of you know, I have gradually shifted to a high carb, low fat diet. Always made up of whole foods and 100% vegan of course, I have found I just feel best when I loooooaaaaddd up on carbs like fruit, rice and veg and minimize my consumption of stuff like coconut oil, nuts and seeds. These foods are GREAT and you should include them your diet, we just don't need that much of them. Or at least I don't. So this recipe doesn't have any high fat ingredients! Woo! All fruit, all the time. That's the way I like it.

Let's inhale some crepes, baby.


4 peeled bananas
1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
1/4 cup coconut mylk

Ice cream:
3 peeled frozen bananas
1/4 cup berries

1 cup berries
2 mangoes 

Fresh mint leaves

To make the crepes: blend the bananas with the cinnamon and coconut mylk until smooth. Pour into thin circles on parchment paper lined dehydrator trays (I used a 1/4 cup of batter per crepe), or baking pans, and "bake" in your dehydrator at 115 degrees for 3 1/2 hours or in your oven at its lowest temperature. The end result you want is crepes that don't stick on your finger and when you press on them. I tested mine throughout the "baking" process; for awhile the batter was still liquidy and my finger would just move it around, then it started getting more solid but when I poked it a little dough would stick to my finger and break off from the crepes, then finally I was able to press on the crepes and my finger came away clean. At this point, take them away from the heat and let them cool for 20-30 minutes. Gently pull them away from the parchment paper and there you go!

To make the ice cream: blend the bananas and berries until smooth. Spread this inside your crepes, along with the chopped fresh mango and berries, and decorate with cinnamon and mint leaves.


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