Raw. Vegan. Chocolate. Bliss. This is what Heather Pace - the creator of Sweetly Raw - does all day. She has made it her mission to healthify the world one superfood chocolate truffle at a time, and I dig it. I hope you all know the blog Sweetly Raw already, it was one of the first sources of inspiration for me when I started my own blog in 2011. Lo and behold, she recently moved to my city! We met up at my November Vegan Potluck and she gave me a few boxes of chocolates to try out. Needless to say I squealed with excitement. It should also be needless to say that the chocolates are INCREDIBLE! So rich and decadent, and also 100% raw and vegan. There ain't anything bad here, folks. The best news is that YOU can also enjoy a box of raw chocolates! I am having a giveaway for Heather's divine treats; you can win a box of 6 truffles plus an OMG macaroon (I threw in the OMG because I know they will really make you say "OMG"). Just enter the giveaway below and cross your pretty fingers. They make the BEST Christmas present ever and even if ya don't win, it is never a bad time to receive a box of good-for-you chocolate in the mail. P.S. I know I have been posting a lot of chocolate stuff lately, if you're tired of it - lemme know. 

UPDATE: congrats to Zack in the US who the won the box of chocolates! 

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