Today I share a recipe and a pretty rad product. It's called Ancient Wisdom (made by Imperial Tonics) and it's a blend of a bunch of Chinese super foods that have been used to maintain wellness and health for centuries. As you know, I'm all about them whole foods (sexy, raw and unrefined goodness is all I wanna eat) but at the same time, I'm definitely supportive of supplementation with concentrated "super foods". Technically I think any raw, edible plant is a super food but when I talk about super foods here, I mean concentrated powders coming from nutritionally excellent plants. Stuff like mushrooms, cacoa, berries, medicinal roots, and the like. I'd much rather enjoy concentrated nutrition in the form of gently processed powders than in industrial-style pills.

Besides... it means I get to chug super healthy and delicious hot chocolate. You can't argue this logic.

For once, I am not using my own recipe in this post - GASP - instead I decided to try out the recipe given to me with the Ancient Wisdom blend. It is essentially a super food hot chocolate with maca, cinnamon and obviously the Ancient Wisdom. Yusss. I drank it very fast and I am now feeling extremely good. All the ingredients are celebrities in the health-nut world right now because they're being discovered to be some of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. Seriously, if you don't believe me (wow... insulted, sheesh) just Google each ingredient and discover the thousands of articles touting their awesomeness. We've got the whole gang here. Let's devour them. 

Note: I know the Ancient Wisdom product is a bit pricey. This something you're gonna notice with all these concentrated super food powders I was talking about. If you can afford them - great, they're super fun to experiment with and you get whack load of nutrition in you. If you can't afford them all the time - save up, buy 'em, make them a treat for special occasions. Or just eat bowls of fruit and salad! It's always up to you.