product review: pana chocolate

I am in love. Today I gleefully received nine bars of Pana Chocolate in the mail to review. In this case, review literally means eat. Yes, on this glorious day my job is to eat chocolate. Indeed, I be living dat high life. I must say that the chocolate is absolutely delicious (I did say I was in love, didn't I?) and basically it's what I make at home, which is perfect because I don't like putting anything mysterious into my body. All we've got here is some cacao powder, coconut oil, and dark agave. With each different flavour there are other ones added like orange essential oil, cinnamon, nuts, and other goodies you crave.

All the ingredients are raw, organic and - I felt the vibes - made with love. Plus you cannot resist their adorable packaging. Look at the little mascot! He loves cacao, I love cacao, we got zero problems. Another bonus is how many mind-blowing flavours they offer! Just look at the first picture to see some options. If you don't like things too sweet, then Pana is perfect for you. You get just a hint of agave as an aftertaste, but the cacao is the shining star. My mom is NOT big on sweets so I think she appreciated this. 

Think chocolate cannot fit into a healthy lifestyle? Think again. I rant all the time about how raw chocolate is the greatest thing since green smoothies and I mean it. Is cacao the secret to long life like some people claim? Probably not, but it sure tastes delicious, and it's great for you. It has outrageous amounts of fibre, magnesium and iron. and can provide lots of energy for your busy day. I think of it in a similar way as coffee - it's a terrific supplement to enjoy every few days in moderation, if you like it. 

If you're looking for high quality, kind, wholesome sweet treats - check out Pana Chocolate. They've got you covered... in chocolate.