e-book review: in the raw {by sarah mcminn}

Today I am doing a quick review of an e-book! It's called In The Raw, and it's written by the awesome, intelligent and beautiful Sarah McMinn from The Sweet Life. I salivate over her recipe photos quite often already so when she asked if I wanted to review her book, I was very excited. 

The woman is a genius! She provides you with loads of useful, practical tips about eating raw and making her recipes. She gives you a list of necessary ingredients and products, with links for every item, some with a discount for you! I really appreciated her list of sweetener options and the explanations of each, since there's so much controversy around agave nectar, raw honey, maple syrup, etc. She lets you decide what you're comfortable with and I have mad respect for that.

Sarah is no food newbie - she has grown up with a passion for cooking - and now, uncooking - and her background in food shines through in her recipes. Some of my favourites are her caramel sauce, raw Nutella-inspired hazelnut chocolate spread, banana cream tarts, Neapolitan frozen custard, Turtle brownie bites, and chocolate almond marble fudge... I KNOW RIGHT. Drooling yet?

You can buy the e-book here for a very reasonable price, especially considering what you are getting. Hurray for raw desserts that nourish and sustain us! Hurray for Sarah!