30 Apr 2013

salad, salad, salad: the main meal

Like the title says, salad should be the main meal on the dinner table! It is so important to get tons of greens in your diet, as well as veggies. Both are super low calorie, high fiber and packed with the best quality nutrition on the planet. What more do you need? Well... okay, you need raw brownies too. Note: If you don't like tofu plain and raw, then go ahead and marinate, bake, or prepare it however you like.

Mega dinner salad: serves one to four people

1 tablespoon each of mustard, tahini, miso, raisins
3 tablespoon sun dried tomatoes 
Water, as needed

3 heads of lettuce, washed and ripped into pieces
1/4 cup baby tomatoes, halved
5 olives, halved
1/4 package of tofu, cubed
3 mushrooms, sliced and marinated in tamari
1/2 avocado, chopped

Blend all the ingredients for the dressing until smooth, using as much water as needed. 
Toss the lettuce with dressing until evenly coated then top with the rest of the salad ingredients. Enjoy!


The Vegan Cookie Fairy said...

You don't mind eating the tofu just like that? I always feel like it needs to be marinated, fried, baked, blended with other ingredients, etc. But I would definitely give this a whirl. Looks so tasty :) If you have more (raw) salad recipes, please do share, I need inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats a big massive vibrant salad! When we made the transition to a Raw Vegan Lifestyle - seriously never ever has a salad tasted this good. Now we are so addicted and it feels strange to pass a day without one! Have to try your dressing. Mmhmm! Have a Beautiful day :)

Desiree said...

My mouth is watering looking at this. I love the idea of putting tofu in a salad. Never thought of that before. Can't wait to give this yummy salad a try.

Em von Euw said...

Nope haha - I am a bit odd ><

Em von Euw said...

Thanks! If you don't like it plain, go ahead and marinate, bake or prepare it however you like.

Em von Euw said...

SO true!! The same thing happened with green smoothies.

Angi said...

That looks very yummy. Perfect for summer.

Anonymous said...

I never even gave raw tofu a thought before reading this! It seems strange, but I'm most certainly going to try it!

Ragnhild said...

SO yummy! I love my salads and veggies and neeed loads of them every day. Makes me happy and.. happy :D
+ tons of raw chocolate, love, yoga and fresh air!
Hapy Wednesday <3

Sydney Corporate by LuisaM said...

Yum yum yum!!! This looks delicious <3


Jen said...

Yum! it's time for salads! Could you tell me what type of miso you use (or prefer) to make your dressings?

Em von Euw said...

Sure - i used a red miso :) but it always changes

Caitlin said...

i whole heartedly agree! i LOVE salad. and that dressing is genius! i can't wait to try it!

Unknown said...

This has become my favorite salad to date and is so easy to put together.