raw vegan hair care

you love the raw vegan lifestyle (or not...) but what is one to do with their hair while staying stay raw vegan!? all the shampoos out there are full of chemicals, unsustainable ingredients and tested on animals, right?


there's a PLETHORA of righteous, sustainable, animal-friendly, health-delivering products from awesome vegan hair and body care companies out there. their stuff usually isn't even that pricey (especially when you consider what you're supporting). some examples of such companies are lush, kiss my face, jason, dessert essence organics, avalon organics, nature's gate, BWC (beauty without cruelty), devita, 100% pure, sevi, and countless others. check them ALL out here for yourself.

one more company i want to mention is morrocco method. recently they contacted me and asked if i would like to review their products (DUH I WOULD!) they specialize in hair care. all their ingredients are raw, organic, gluten-free, wholesome and vegan. seriously, the ingredient list is so simple and straightforward.

they sent me chi essence shampoo and pearl essence creme rinse. i'm being totally honest when i say i LOVE THEM. i wouldn't lie to you guys.

i've been making my own shampoo and conditioner for years now because i couldn't find any on the market that (a) had acceptable ingredients, (b) that i couldn't just make better myself, and (c) that gave better results than my hand-made stuff. but i think i've finally found something special. it's basically like i DID make these myself, except they work better (and smell better...) they're also quite affordable considering you're buying wild-crafted, raw, vegan, organic, natural, cruelty-free, gluten-free products that support sustainability.

my hair was shining, stronger and smooth within a few days. i got more impressive results with these than my own hand-made shampoo and conditioner.

i highly recommend morrocco method for anyone with hair... 
that's probably you. 

now wash your gorgeous locks and listen to this wonderful album: