vanilla bean ice cream

you know that popular recipe i have for "the best raw vegan ice cream ever"? i am a liar. that stuff is off the chain, but nothing - and i mean, nothing - can compete with this recipe. it's one ingredient, stupid-easy, fat-free, around 150 calories, filling, full of fiber, dairy-free, delicious, and the best soft serve you will ever eat.

i sure hope you like bananas.

that's right, all that's in this recipe that's really necessary are frozen bananas. for the pictures you see here i added vanilla seeds, some sweetener and lemon oil. the possibilities are endless with this, feel free to add whatever you like. i'll be doing several variations in the future with ingeniously clever names such as: chocolate craze, caramel swirl, gone nuts... oh that's all i got. damn. that wasn't impressive at all. maybe you guys can help me think up some cute names? 

i am currently suffering a terribly uncomfortable sore throat and all i am capable of consuming is liquids; miso soup, tea, hot water. i've been having a lot of lemon (good for the throat and anti-inflammatory) to soothe my discomfort and hopefully bring the swelling down. that explains the lemon in the ice cream! this has been my dinner for two nights now, it's the closest thing to solid food i can have. grrr. 

the truly best raw vegan ice cream ever: serves one

2 frozen bananas

Optional add ons
seeds from 1/2 vanilla bean (or 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract)
1 tablespoon maple syrup/date paste

throw everything in your blender and blend until GORGEOUSLY smooth like vanilla soft serve - i can never get over how pretty this looks. make sure to keep pushing the bananas down into the blades otherwise they'll just get shredded into small pieces and stick to the side.