1 Apr 2012


I love noodles. 
So it makes perfect sense that among desserts, raw pasta is one of my favourite meals. I prefer it made with zucchini, although bell peppers, yams, carrots and other veggies work well too. I also love it with a creamy sauce and a bit of spice.

It's so satisfying, nutrient-dense, low-calorie and RAW, in every sense of the word. 

I don't really use recipes when preparing raw food (as you probably know by now) so for the following recipes, feel ABSOLUTELY FREE to play them with them as you like. There's endless possibilities for sauce ideas - just like for smoothies and salads. The combinations are infinite.

For the pasta: use any wide, fairly long vegetable - zucchini is the perfect example - and slice it on your spiral slicer or mandoline, into noodles. Set aside. Now for the sauce =)

Avocado Hemp Sauce

1/2 avocado
1 clove garlic
3 Tb tamari
Water or non-dairy milk, as needed
Salt & pepper, add other spices if you wish
2 Tb hemp seeds

Blend all ingredients except hemp seeds until smooth. See if you like the taste and consistency. Stir in hemp seeds and pour over noodles. Let them sit for a few minutes, then enjoy! I like to add hot sauce and raw marinated veggies.

Garlic Miso Sauce:

2-3 Tb miso
1 clove garlic
2 Tb tamari
1-2 Tb rice vinegar
1-2 Tb almond butter
2 Tb black sesame seeds
Water as needed

Blend all ingredients except sesame seeds until smooth. See if you like the taste and consistency. Stir in sesame seeds and pour over noodles. Let sit for a few minutes then eat it up! This recipe is good with broccoli. 

Spicy Sauce: 

1 Tb mustard
1 Tb miso
1 Tb nut butter
2 Tb nutritional yeast
Salt & Pepper 
A few drops of hot sauce
1/8 t cayenne/chili powder
I also add hemp seeds and other spices if I want

Blend all the ingredients until smooth, adding water as need to make it creamy. This time, I added black sesame seeds at the end to add some contrast. Do whatever floats your boat!
Here's some more pictures that have recipes linked to them. Noodles 4 EVER!


Unknown said...

thank you :) I think I will try the avocado-hemp sauce first !!:)

Em von Euw said...

That's my fave I think =)

Anonymous said...


Em von Euw said...


smbp said...

Okay - it is offical I NEED to get a spiral slicer so I can make every single one of these dishes you post - um the avocado hemp sauce, all I would need is a straw, forget the noodles!

Em von Euw said...

LOL same here!! I can seriously just eat spoonfuls of the sauce. YES! Get one asap. They're not even too expensive, and so versatile.

olivia may said...

Oh my goodness I'm so glad I found your blog, I'm drooooling here! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing recipes xoxo

Em von Euw said...

haha thank YOU, olivia. im very happy to hear you like my little internet existence.

Erin said...

These look just fabulous! Just curious as to whether you recommend a particular spiral slicer? I've read reviews, which just made me decide that I couldn't make a proper decision =)
Thank you!

Em von Euw said...

thanks! the one i use and also recommend is the spriooli (although i don't think it's called that anymore:


Kim said...

If you let these "pasta" dishes sit in the fridge for a few days, does it soften up the "pasta" a bit? If not, what do you suggest? I would like it to be closer to the consistency of pasta and not a salad. I know this may not be possible- but I thought I would ask.

Em von Euw said...

They do soften =D

Sara said...

Just.. Wow! I am so doing this for lunch tomorrow! Thank you for great inspiration! :-)

Anonymous said...

Discovered your site a few days ago and have been absolutely hooked since. I even bought the equipment formerly known as spirooli today. Carb has always been my downfall but seeing your fabulous recipes make me even more determined to change my (and my family's) eating habits. Do you use miso paste or powder? Does it matter if I use nutritional yeast flakes or powder? I'm in Australia so I don't know what is available here since I've never even heard of nutritional yeast! Thank you!

Em von Euw said...

Thank you! I have always used miso paste. And I've never really cared whether it's flakes or powder so no worries there. Cheers! Em

Unknown said...

I found your blog a couple weeks ago through Foodie Friday on The Wellness Warrior, and I'm so glad Jess featured you! I've tried a few of your salad dressings and they've all been super yummy! Last night I decided that I needed a change from salads and gave zuke pasta a try with the avocado hemp sauce, oh my goodness! It was so delicious that I had zuke pasta again tonight with the garlic miso sauce, sooo yummy! Tomorrow I'm trying your yam noodles with miso mustard sauce, avocado, cucumber & raisins, can't wait. Thank you so much for sharing your creations!

Liz Smithers said...

Just made some zucchini ribbons with your avocado hemp sauce and added cayenne and basil! oh no what have i done. cant stop eating this and dont care. your recipes are dank city!!

Emma Milligen said...

Ok. I just made your garlicky avocado sauce for some spaghetti squash and BBQued veggies. Friggin awesome dude! Very simple but packed with flavour. Will be using very, very often! Or y'know, I could try some of your other pasta ideas :p. Thank you! :)

easy healthy recipes for dinner said...

I'll try this Spicy Asian-y Sauce first, love noodles too. Looks great, and surely tastes great. I hope I can make it perfectly. Thanks for this resources, I tried already the garlic miso sauce

Nico said...

I use a Veggetti. Makes this a simple, fast, healthy, totally delicious, and super nutritious meal. Great leftovers too! Thank you so much! I love the avocado hemp recipe. :)

Jeani said...

Hi, Emily ~
I live in Delaware, and I'm sure you know we've had record breaking cold here recently. I made this today, and used the avo-hemp sauce. I put a little bit of nooch in it, so it was kind of alfredo-y, First I tossed the squash noodles with a little of evoo, then put that bowl in the dehydrator. Made the sauce, tossed the noodles, and put it back in the dehy, along with some already made onion bread that I smeared with a little bit of cocnut oil and a smidge of garlic powder. I let everything warm for a little while, which made my house smell great. This is my only day off this week, so this meal contributed a lot to my day of recovery and relaxation. I have leftovers for tomorrow before I go to work, too.
Thanks for your great gifts to us.

Anon said...

Hey there, all of these look so lovely! Just wondering - which sauce did you put over the zucchini noodles in the second photo? :)

Pupuk Cabe Rawit said...