more kombucha (i LOVE shrooms)

I've already posted about Kombucha, and will in all likelihood post about it again. Why? Because I love it!

It's totally up my alley. Fermented mushroom tea. You receive a baby mushroom from your friend, and are told to let it grow in a jug of tea for 2 weeks. It then has it's own baby, and you can start a new batch of tea. Read more here. 
If most people think it's gross, weird and they wouldn't want to try it - I'LL LOVE IT!

I mean, look at me.

So after my first batch of Kombucha, I started two new batches with my momma mushroom, and her baby. (Yes, I named them: Martha and Arnold)
I let these grow for almost a month, instead of the first time I did it when I let them grow for 2 weeks. You can grow them for as long as you want, and a good minimum is about a week.
These batches turned out wonderfully, and Arnold had a baby of his own! But at this point, I had so much Kombucha... I didn't know what to do. None of my friends or family are interested (it's pretty funny) so I decided to let my mushrooms get some fresh air - in the garden. Now they're decomposing into the soil, providing food and nutrients for worms, bugs and our fruits and veggies in the spring!

What a wonderful circle of life we are blessed with, here on Earth.

After giving our garden the three mushrooms, I thought I was done with them. I figured the next time I wanted to make Kombucha, I would just ask my friend's dad (who's been making it forever) or buy one.
But of course, nature is miraculous, motivated and powerful. So somehow - even though there were only a few specs of mushroom left in the Kombucha AFTER I filtered it, another mushroom began to grow! 
Until today, I had let the giant jug of Kombucha sit out because I'd been too lazy to put it into pitchers in the fridge. So when I finally got around it tonight, I noticed the fourth mushroom growing. Whatta determined little guy. I gotta keep him and let him grow in another batch. I think I'll name him Douglas.

(Yes, I am aware of how I sound.)

Anyways, if you're thinking about trying out your own Kombucha - I say GO FOR IT! It's super fun, and the product SERIOUSLY tastes like apple cider and champagne. My dad, who was the only person in my family brave enough to try it, agrees.

But I'm not the only person in the world who likes it! To my delight and surprise, I was in the health food store the other day and actually saw Kombucha on the shelves! Check it. They claim it's raw, organic and made with "pure love". Cute =) They dilute it with water and add some sugar. I'm sure it's quite tasty, and I'd say buy it if you're curious.
But personally, I like to make things myself. I also like to drink it straight up. Who needs extra sugar anyways? Just eat some fruit. Anyway it was cool to see. People just keep getting more and more interested in health! It's gotta be a good sign, right?

Well... now I have quite a bit of Kombucha... Hurray!