30 Dec 2011

eat to live

Hey guys and gals, I wanna tell you about the book I just finished reading. It's called Eat To Live, by Joel, M.D. Fuhrman. I highly recommend reading it; especially if you want to lose weight. It's great for every type of person to read. It basically explains why a mainly raw and vegan diet is best for everyone, along with some mild exercise. Fuhrman says to eat a lot of greens and veggies, along with some fruit and occasionally raw nuts, seeds and avocado.

He says his most important piece of advice is that "salad is the main dish". I love it. It's a great way to think about your diet. Because for most, a salad is something on the side that we must get through to enjoy our burger (if we even order the salad). 
Greens should be the BIGGEST part of our diet! Look at every other herbivore and omnivore out there.

I used to be a salad lover, then I found green smoothies and my love reached a whole nother level.  
But this book turned me on to salad again! I've been eating gargantuan salads everyday since I read it. They're wonderful, just like green smoothies, and a nice change-up. I just need to chew more =)

If you have read the China Study, you will like this book. If you haven't read the China Study, run to the nearest bookstore or library RIGHT NOW and get it. 
Eat To Live is similar in that it gives a non-biased, valid, and proven scientific explanation for why this diet is superior. At the same time, the language is still easy for most to understand.

There are chapters on cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other health problems; along with in-depth chapters about why raw plants are the perfect food for us; as well as success stories and before and after photos of people who have achieved amazing results with the diet. There's also recipes and a FAQ section, which I found useful. 

The only qualm I might have with the book is that Fuhrman says to avoid coconut because of it's high saturated fat content =(  
I understand why he says this, because the demographic that's reading this book is usually over-weight, middle-aged people who have tried everything to lose weight and regain health... not exactly me. 
For these people, if they want that weight gone as soon as possible, then I suppose avoiding coconut isn't bad advice. But it's not great advice either. Coconut oil has many benefits, as does it's meat. It's saturated fat is in fact quite healthy for us, unlike most other foods with saturated fat. Read more and get a recipe here.

Other than that one little thing, the book is excellent. Everyone should read this!


Aiyanna Looney said...

I bought the book, thanks for sharing!

Em von Euw said...

Oh, that's awesome!! Look at the other books and docs I recommend in "Resources" if you want more ideas =)

Dream of cakes said...

I am not vegan but this salad looks delicious! I am very happy I discovered your blog. I will definately try your recipes!

Aiyanna Looney said...

The library purchased the "Forks Over Knives" companion book and I've been trying recipes out of that too.

Em von Euw said...

Eftychia, thanks so much! I'm glad you like the blog. P.S. the salad was delicious =)

Aiyanna, great! Can't go wrong with whole foods, plant-based. You should also watch the documentary, it's quite good and very recent (2011).

Leslie Richman said...

I love this book as well! Smoothies & salads- yum!

Em von Euw said...

thanks, leslie! mmm mmm ;) can't go wrong.

Amanda said...

Hi Emily,
Thank you for this post. I have been doing ETL for 96 days (52 pounds down) and agree with your comment about the coconut oil. I see it as something I will enjoy down the road after I have reached my goal weight (along with some of the very yummy recipes I see here on your site!) ~Amanda

Em von Euw said...

Oh awesome! Congrats to you, that is amazing and you should be super proud.