sweet corn, garlic & tomato soup with avocado and dill

"Happiness is this!" was the first thing I said when I had a spoonful of this soup. Not only had it been a long day on campus, and I had had a really hard workout (my leg muscles are crying), but it was also the beginning of my three day weekend.

So, when I finally was able to sit down with this glorious bowl of soup - you can imagine my excitement and shear blissful mind-state. As I'm writing this, I feel almost euphoric! It must be a mix of my workout high (which I'm able to enjoy daily) plus more endorphins being released because of the deliciousness of this SOUP.

I haven't made raw soup in quite some time, it's more of a winter thing for me. I love soups that are warming, smooth and rich. I can't do cold chunky gazpachos. Yilk. Sorry.

Now that the BC winter is coming, I'm getting my comforting-soup cravings! Raw soups are divine, really. They are so creamy, flavourful and totally satisfying. And all they are is veggies with maybe some nuts, spices, oil and water. MMM!

Blended foods are great because not only are raw smoothies and soups FANTASTIC, they are also waaaay easier on your digestive system. Your stomach doesn't have to do anything! So you save that energy, and get those nutrients into your blood faster.

Tonight I had a ripe avocado, some frozen organic sweet corn, and tomatoes. We always have garlic. You should too.
You may want to put in just one clove of garlic to start, and see if that's good enough. I am garlic junkie so watch out, as I put in three. Also, start with a small amount of water and add until you get the consistency you want. Personally, I don't like watery soup.

Sweet Corn, Garlic & Tomato Soup with Avocado and Dill: serves 1

1 tomato
1/3 cup organic sweet corn kernels
1-3 cloves garlic
Handful walnuts
Spoonful hemp seeds
1-2 t Tamari/Bragg's
1 1/2 cups hot water
1/2 or whole avocado, chopped
Salt & Pepper 
Fresh or dried Dill

Blend tomato, corn, garlic, walnuts, hemp seeds, Tamari, water, and HALF of whatever amount of avocado you're using until smooth. Pour into bowl. Add salt & pepper to taste, and top with remaining chopped avocado and dill.

I had forgotten how much I LOVE raw soups. They are soooo friggin' good. Nuff said.
Now go make your own.