frankie FINALLY says relax

Sorry... haven't posted in awhile.

Anyways, my final exams are almost OVER! And I am so excited. Lately (as you could tell from my posts) I've had the case of winter blues; basically I was down-in-the-dumps for no good reason. What can ya do.
Well, this week has helped me get out of that a little. For some reason the universe chose to give me a great mood and a simple, wonderful day! Ironically, it was looking to be a bit of a bad day.

I had to wake up at the unimaginable hour of *gasp* - 7:00 AM. I know, I know. It's insanity. Keep in mind I am just not a morning person, never have been. Night time is my love. As is chocolate, and cats... but back to the point. I had to get up that early for my math exam (yuck). But that's when the day took a turn for the better. The exam went great! I feel awesome about it. Plus since I got up so early, I got to see the moon slowly going back to sleep in the sky until the next night, as the dark winter morning turned lighter. Beautiful.

Then on the way home from my exam, I saw a coyote running through the forest! I saw it as a great sign, a blessing. I wonder what he's doin' now... I literally couldn't stop smiling at that point =D

Then I got home, did some house chores, and listened to some classical music. I started making more christmas presents for the fam (shh don't tell... oh wait, they can read this) and just sat around, watching the trees and birds. Ahhhh. Frankie FINALLY says relax ;)
I've been having so much trouble with that lately. It's crazy... because I think of myself as the calmest, most laid back person I know... and I think all my loved ones would agree.

All I do is meditate, practice yoga, and eat fruit. 

But since university it's been a little hectic =S
POINT BEING: I am back, Chill World (fingers crossed?)

Now onto what you're actually interested in: FOOD. Because - let's be honest - I'm sure my personal level of mental and physical activity and daily chore regime is not that exciting.
Onto the yumminess. (I don't provide the recipes here, but if you email me I can get them for you!)

 Stir-Fry Broccoli with Peppers & Mushrooms

Bok Choy with Sweet Sauce and Fried Tofu

Eggplant & Onion Coconut Curry

Sauteed Eggplant, Onions & Cucumber 

I admit, I haven't made anything too exciting in a few days, but I did bake an apple pie! =) And the other day my mom made a wonderful vegan feast to say goodbye to a swiss guy who's been living with us for months. It was bountiful. I love life.

 I ask you: who doesn't like apple pie? WHO?

I hope you have the BEST. DAY. EVER.