8 Dec 2011

3-Day Apple Fast: Complete

Well... that was easy!

I was contemplating going a few more days this morning, but I decided against it for family reasons. My parents worry. I understand why, but I know myself better than anyone else does so I know what's best for me!

I would say yesterday was my best day. I was very uplifted, spiritually speaking; and experienced several personal insights. Physically, I had tons of energy and hardly needed any sleep. When you aren't concentrated on food, it frees up a lot of time and energy that you can focus on other things. For me, I focus it on inner knowledge, personal development, spirituality, and I do this through meditation and dreaming.

Speaking of dreams... during the fast I had pretty unusual dreams (for me) and not in a good way! They were all fairly dark and negative. I don't view this as a bad thing. Balance is always needed and 99% of the time I have great dreams, so as well as with other detox symptoms, strange dreams is one I experienced. I look at it as repressed emotions unveiling themselves and being eliminated.

The only thing I really did not like about the past 3 days was my body temperature. I was cold! I used to always be slightly cold. It got worse when I went raw for the first time. That was a year ago. Now I'm always slightly WARM! It was a great transformation. I was basically never cold, no matter my environment or clothing. Raw vegan super powers? =)
But after beginning my fast, I got cold again! I know it's just my blood going away from my skin towards my internal organs, to do some serious house-cleaning. Now that I'm eating other foods again however, I am back to normal. So nothing lost, a lot gained!
As gar as food goes: I began the day slowly with a grapefruit a few hours after waking (after a bunch of water of course), then some more fruit later. I know I should've stayed totally raw and quite light all day buuuuuuut  things don't always go according to plan =S 
I went over to my friends house later and ate some couscous sushi. Delicious and mostly raw so I don't feel bad. But still, my body probably would've preferred nothing. Ah well. No biggie.

I'm not sure when I'll begin my grapefruit fast, but it will most likely be soon.
As much as I'd LOVE to say "I'm gonna stay totally raw through the holidays" - I know I'd just let myself down, ha ha.
I love baking so I'll be making all sorts of delicious wholesome goodies, plus I'm sure my mom will make a bunch of vegan dishes for Christmas. I can't resist! So some serious cleansing before and after will be perfect. And at the end of the day, some whole wheat cookies and steamed veggies aren't bad for me, they allow me to share those moments with my family.

I don't think Christmas would be quite the same if at Christmas morning, my family is all sitting at the table eating our traditional cinnamon buns while I crouch in the corner, sipping my green smoothie...

It's situations like that that keep me eating a percentage of cooked food =) And it's NOT A BAD THING. I need to keep remembering that, because sometimes I get carried away with raw foodism. It's not a religion. I won't die if I eat cooked food! >.<


Bridget said...

I like this, it was very refreshing. I like how you view "negative" situations as positive ones. That's the best way to go through life.
If only more people had this sort of life perspective..

Coincidentally I was eating an apple as I stumbled across this post. I've never done any sort of multi-day fasting, but your posts have definitely opened my mind up to it.
I usually get super light headed whenever I don't eat so I've never been partial to fasting.
Maybe it's not for everyone, but good for you that it has provided you with such beneficial effects and positive experiences.

Em von Euw said...

Hmm ahem to that! Thanks, Bridget :)
Yes the first day always feels a little funny - but after you push through, you're so proud of yourself. In ANY case, if it's dangerous for the individual, they shouldn't do it. But I think there's a ton of people who could really benefit from a short fast (of any kind!)

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late but...Ahh just what I was looking for! Started my own 3 day apple fast today and was looking for others out there who have done the same - and even better another vegan!
The past couple of months I have been inundated with strange sickness - eye infection, gum infection, digestive distress, lethargy and bloating...ugh! While I think a lot of it is the radiation swarming over from Fuku I think it is also my body letting me know I have some stuck toxins and emotions ready to get OUT!
To Bridget - I used to get extremely light headed and nauseous (would throw up!) in the mornings when on a water fast. Juice fasting and doing one food fasts (like apple or greens) really helped me get away from the sick mornings. But I agree with Emily - fasting in any capacity is wonderful for you!
Thank you for your post :D