apple fast: day 3

Hey guys. Today's the third of my apple fast. I feel okay.
I think tomorrow I'll start eating other food again. I'll start with a green smoothie (YAY! I miss you, smoothies!) and then later probably have some raw soup... mmm =)

I've been looking into doing a grapefruit fast as well. Same idea, but instead of apples - grapefruit! I love grapefruit and I've read about some really amazing results as far as detoxing goes. Apparently it's supposed to help get rid of cellulite as well, but this isn't really a concern of mine... I'm 18 and pretty fit if I do say so myself.
I'm sure my parents won't be happy about it, but then... like I said in my previous post: you don't understand the philosophy and effects of fasting/cleansing - until you've tried it!

Anyway for now, my apple fast is almost done, and I feel better in general. I'd like to do it longer but my parents get worried. It's okay, I'll do longer cleanses when I move out!

Speaking of which... I have a great idea for my house when I move out. You'll love it. I'll write about it tomorrow! 

I wrote my final this morning and felt great mentally and physically, not weak at all, as my friends and mother were worried about. The third day of fasting is often my fave =) And this is one of the shortest fasts I've done. Because usually towards the end, it gets kinda hard because you really wanna eat. But since this one was only 3 days, I know I could go several more days.

When you fast, the thing people might think is the hardest part is hunger. Ironically this is the least of the discomforts. After the first night you really don't feel hungry at all. It becomes a feeling of lightness, clarity and cleanliness.

Yes, depending on the day and length of the cleanse/fast, you might feel weak sometimes, or even lightheaded.This doesn't sound good. But no pain, no gain!  

Having said that, there ARE many ways you can do a fast wrong, and it can be VERY dangerous. So please know what you're doing before you begin.

 You know it's organic when it looks this gnarly. 
No fake shiny wax coating or GMO red colour here! 

Some other things you might experience are a runny nose, headaches, weird body odor, sweatiness, feeling too hot/cold, unusual and strong emotions, and others.

Basically; these are all signs of detox - so be happy!  Generally speaking, when your system is digesting food, it's eliminating toxins. So when you fast it gives your body the best chance at detoxing as much as possible. It's kind of a dream come true for your system.

Your body is having to stir up all those built up toxins (including repressed/unconscious emotions, as strange as that sounds). When they're stirred up, you feel them! Also, your body is trying to get these toxins out in every way - through your skin, nose, and the main exit, if ya know what I mean. Everyone poops =)
Of course, use your common sense. If any of these symptoms persists or gets really serious, talk to a professional and stop fasting for now. Get informed before  you fast.

Alright, I'm gonna go enjoy my last apple now! Around the dinner table with my family. I think they're having a beef casserole. Ah well, it's local, humane and organic meat. So I don't have a problem =)