apple fast: day 2

Today is going well so far. I slept a looong time (13 hours) because classes are OVER! Yes! One month holiday break, baby =) Having said that... my Philosophy final is tomorrow =S

So after my restful slumber, I drank a ton of water as usual, and studied a little until I was hungry. Then I ate an apple! Later my friend came over and we studied together... then got tired of it and watched TERRIBLE "reality" television. It is amazing how weird people are (we watched My Strange Addiction), you won't believe it.
I had a couple more apples throughout the day and will probably have one more before the day is done, along with some tea. It goes without being said that I'm drinking buttloads of H2O. At least a gallon of water per day, if not more. It's crucial to ANY FAST or CLEANSE.

I feel good. For me, with the previous fasts/cleanses I've done (usually smoothie/juice fasts), the first day is the hardest. It's so easy to think "meh I don't feel like doing this anymore..." and you also feel a little weird and weak: your body's like "hey, what're doing?!". But by the second day I feel good and proud of myself. Unless you've fasted before... you can't really understand the emotional side of it.
You know your body is being given a chance to do some major de-cluttering. Spiritually, you feel freed and lighter. Emotionally, it's also a time of de-cluttering, emotions you don't usually feel come out and are eliminated. Mentally, you have this sense of clarity and pride about what you're accomplishing.

At the end of the day a challenge is always good, if it's not seriously harmful. Even if you don't love it while it's happening, you're so proud when you're done. Moreover, you appreciate your blessings that much more. Do I want to eat the AMAZING smelling lentil-veggie soup my mom is making for dinner?


(Darn you, mother. She decides to make delicious vegan meals both of my fast nights so far... Yippie.) 

But ya know what, I almost always get to eat whatever and however much I want. This is great, and I'm thankful. But once and awhile you need to fast. Be it from computers, tv, sugar, solid food, ANY food, or whatever! If you're Christian, you should be familiar with Lent. Though I'm not religious, I believe in the idea behind Lent. It calls for people to give up something they love for a period of time, so they can appreciate it more and realize their blessings.
It's the same philosophy here.

On top of that, there's the very important health aspect. You give your system the opportunity to finally get rid of all that build-up and whatever else is stuck in you. It's a total detox.

Bottom line: fasting is healthy for anyone. It doesn't have to be for a month, or even a week; and it doesn't have to be from food.
It gives you a chance to clear your mind, body and soul; as well as learn to appreciate things you take for granted.