apple fast: day 1

Today so far is fine. It was SFU's last day of classes, not including finals. So THAT'S something to rejoice about. I need a break.
I feel okay at the moment, a little tired but that's because I AM tired, and I've only eaten 2 apples today =S Not enough, even for a cleanse. I'm gonna go snarf down another as soon as I'm done writing this. I'm drinking tons of water, as usual. This is really important for pretty much any kind of cleanse/fast I can think of.

I had a lovely walk around our yard and took in the beginning of winter: manifesting itself in the crisp air, curled up brown leaves and flowers, stiff vines, icey pond surface, and the quiet; as nature gets ready to hunker down for another BC winter.
It was sunny today, but I'm really hoping for a storm! They are so fun. On Christmas morning I'm secretly wishing for a crazy blizzard to whip through here. =)

I also had a relaxing, much-needed bath, accompanied by some nice music. You can never go wrong with a hot bath and your favourite calming music. Never.
I am not a shower person =/
OH! And I started watching Modern Family! If you don't watch this show... you SHOULD. It is so funny. My friend and I are gonna get caught up together (it's on it's 3rd season) and I probably won't have to do abdominal workouts anymore because we will be laughing so much. 

Now, I guess I'll eat another apple and (ugh) study more philosophy...  I can't wait til the exam is over. I love what we learn about but it does make your brain kinda tired. So much remembering; something I am not good at.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings. And don't fret! I will be making delicious raw desserts as soon as I'm done with the cleanse. I have thought of lots of great recipe ideas... just you wait ;)
Peace out until tomorrow!