Hello, sweet readers! Today I bring you some a little different from my regular recipe posts. I want to share a super easy tutorial for a DIY meditation cushion/pillow. I improvised this last week and it came together perfectly. For me, an important piece of why I meditate in the first place is to be content with the simple gifts in life, and to not desire more than I need. So, there is no need for me to buy a fancy meditation pillow made with new materials, when I can craft one easily and affordably in my own home, with my own hands. I enjoy being part of the process, too.

Buckwheat hulls are used in this tutorial; they are a traditional Japanese pillow filling and a really eco-friendly option. Plus, they make for a suuuper comfortable and firm pillow. I would recommend you acquire a bag of buckwheat hulls to make this cushion, but a large bag of fabric scraps will work too. Or, you can do what I did, and use a mixture. I had a small bag of buckwheat hulls in my house, but not enough for a decent cushion, so I used leftover fabric from other projects to finish up the filling. If you make this meditation cushion, let me know! Talk soon.



Makes 1 cushion / Print the tutorial

- 1 piece of fabric for your cushion case, at least 4 feet across
- 1 piece of fabric for your cushion cover, at least 5 feet across
- Buckwheat hulls, or scraps of fabric for your cushion filling, at least 2 lbs
- Large bowl
- Scissors
- String
- 1 zap strap/zip tie (optional)

Refer to photos for visual instruction.

Cut your pieces of fabric into circles. The cover will be larger than the case. I've left the measurements fairly large, so you can always cut away extra fabric if you end up with too much.

Place your case into the large bowl, so you can easily add your filling into it.

Add your filling. Buckwheat hulls are ideal, but cut-up fabric scrap will do just fine too. I used a mixture of both.

Once your case if full, collect the fabric at the edges and tie it together with string. Try sitting on it to find out if you want more or less filling, and adjust accordingly until you're happy. Once satisfied, add a zip tie for extra strength (optional). If you have a lot of extra fabric, you can cut some away. I chose to leave it.

Now simply wrap your cover around your filled case: gather the fabric, and tie together with string. If you have a lot of extra fabric, you can cut some away. I chose to leave it. If you find you can feel the knot of gathered fabric on your butt when you sit on the cushion, you will need to add extra filling. I added extra fabric scraps between my case and cover to solve that problem.

That's it! Enjoy your new meditation pillow! This can also be used as a head pillow, yoga bolster, etc.

Note: an even simpler option would be to find a small pillow case and pillow cover at a thrift store, and use those! No cutting or tying required!