Soooo I know this post is super late, but hopefully I'm not the only one who is behind on getting gifts for my loved ones!? *Nervous laughter.* Of course, all the items I discuss in this post would make wonderful gifts any time of the year, for special people in your life as well as yourself. There is no need to stress about holiday deadlines when we have another 364 days of the year to show how much we care, right? All these gifts are perfect for taking care of your body, mind and spirit... they're all connected, after all. I am big fan of making presents, handmade cards, artwork, crafts and recipes for my friends and fam, and getting away from capitalism always allows me a sigh of relief. However, there are some things I cannot make myself, which do benefit my life and wellbeing. Some of those are listed here, as well as some DIY gift ideas. Enjoy! Most of the companies are local (I live in the lower mainland of BC, Canada on unceded Coast Salish lands), or based in the Pacific Northwest.

Luminance skincare. My all time FAVE skincare company. I love the people who are behind the products, as well as the products themselves. I've yet to find a rosewater toner I adore more than Luminance's (it smells like heaven) and all their ingredients are organic, vegan and/or wildcrafted. Everything is made by hand with love. Their soap is magic, and so are all their moisturizers (body, foot, hand, lip!) and gentle masks. I feel like a damn goddess when I rub their goodies into my skin. Bonus: they have a 20% off sale on right now for gifts. Eyyy.

Prana Biovegan chocolate bark. I cannot stop eating this. It is dangerously delicious... and currently 10% off on their website. Make sure to get at least one bag for yourself for every bag you gift to someone else, otherwise you'll just end up stealing theirs. From a MontrĂ©al-based company! 

Vitruvi stone diffuser and essential oils. Ever since I started using a diffuser, my life has changed for the better. Depending on what essential oils I add to it, it can help me to feel energized, creative, or calm. Even if you don't believe in aromatherapy (fiiine) there is no denying that at a minimum, diffusers makes the whole room smell divine, like there is a fancy spa in your home. I use mine everyday and night to set the mood for whatever I am feeling. My fave oils are rosemary, pine, lavander, ylang ylang, jasmine and rose. Vitruvi's white stone diffuser (they also make one in black) suits my minimalistic preferences perfectly, and I could not be happier with it. They make wonderful essential oil blends as well (I love Pacific).

Hurom HP slow juicer. Oh, baby! 1) I love juice. 2) I love simple, streamline, minimalist design. 3) Therefore, I love this juicer. It's stylish and functional all at once, which is my vibe in a nutshell. This looks great on your countertop, and also provides you with high-quality liquid nutrition that your body and brain will thank you for. They're having a sale on these juicers right now, for the holidays.

Harmonic Arts superfood blends and teas. This company is based on Vancouver Island, and provides a variety of powerful plant foods, herbs, tinctures and tonics. I love the Elevate superfood upgrade, which includes cardamom; and all their teas (especially Atmospheri-Tea). Their products are really high-quality, usually organic, wild and raw. For the health foodie in your life.

Morrocco Method haircare. I make my own shampoo and a lot of body care items because it's fun, saves money, and makes me feel creative. But sometimes my homemade stuff doesn't work as well as products from particular companies. Morrocco Method makes amazing shampoos, conditioners and other haircare products with all natural, gluten-free, sulfate-free ingredients. The ingredients are similar to what I would use at home, but they know what they're doing way more than I do. 

prAna clothing. I buy most of my clothes (and everything else) from thrift stores, because recycling is COOL, man. But when I want to purchase new clothes, prAna is an excellent because of its ethical and environmental responsibility. They sell a lot of natural and recycled fabrics, and the people making the clothes are paid fairly for their work. Their clothes are durable, comfy, and suitable for yoga, running, and general livin'.

Ceramics. Obviously ceramics are a big part of my food photography; but besides that, I absolutely adore the shapes, colours, and textures of these practical artworks. I look forward to using them each day; they make the ceremony of food and drink more special. I love anything from Sarah Kersten, and Amanda Marie. I would love to add a few to my collection from Kate Metten as well. Oh! And I will be receiving a handful of pieces from Carly Mucha soon. I am sure wherever you are, there are local ceramic-makers, and I actually find a lot of beautiful pieces at thrift stores for just a few bucks.

Plants. I gave all my friends plant cuttings from a variegated jade this year, along with some personalized handwritten notes. My newest hobby is taking care of houseplants, and I have already collected too many to fit on one trolley. To me, it's a really rewarding pastime because I am literally propagating life. It's like growing my own family, and giving pieces of that to loved ones. You could either interpret that as cute or creepy...? Succulents make good gifts because they are relatively easy to care for, inexpensive when they're little, and for whatever reason, very trendy right now.

Edible treats! Clearly, I dig sweet stuff. Look to almost any recipe on my blog for inspo! Who doesn't want a box of fudge, cake, or cookies for xmas?

Books. Used or new, I am always thrilled to receive books as gifts because reading is one of the most satisfying ways I spend my time. It's one of those gifts that keeps on giving, because you can reread, pass it on once you're done, or decorate your shelf with them. Used books are eco-friendly too, and supporting small, independent book shops - especially when they have a good selection of books about social justice - makes me feel good inside. Of course, don't get books for your friends who don't like reading.

Donations! There are too many amazing organizations in the world that need funds (systemic inequality woooo) but if you're in my area, I would suggest donating to Union of BC Indian ChiefsRAVEN (Respecting Aboriginal Values & Environmental Needs), Indigenous Environmental NetworkDTES SRO CollaborativeBlack Lives Matter Vancouver, and EarthSave. Other great groups: the ACLUPlanned ParenthoodEveryday Feminism, and Bitch Media.