My time in and around Toronto was - as is getting to be the pattern - a whirlwind of people, places, activities and emotions. I visited for a just a couple days last year and hardly had time to breathe because I planned so much in that short window. This year was no different. I was in Toronto and Mississauga for just 5 days, but managed to see a ton of good friends and family, run into friends and acquaintances serendipitously, host a meet-up, go on a long walk with a lovely puppy, and eat ALL of the [vegan] food. I also had time on the train to Montreal when it was all over to think about Jack, my broken heart (yada yada yada), if I missed home and bedroom and my cat and my mom or if I was just physically and socially exhausted, hungry and sweaty and needing to pee. It was probably a bit of both, in hindsight. I DO miss my house and the comforts it comes with, but I've been gone just a little over a week now and have maaaany more weeks to go. I miss it all in the way I'm excited to return to it, but not just yet. I am mostly looking forward to the adventures I'm about to have (and am having).

Anyways: this post is about Toronto so I'm going to share some photos of my time there with you now. Some are from my plane ride, some from a walk on Appleton trail with my relatives' dog, Bailee, some food I ate with Lisa at Nutbar, Bloomer's and Doug's Kitchen, and some food I ate by myself. (Food not pictured: good shit from Planta, decent-ish gluten-free cakes from Kensington Natural Bakery, amazingly good greasy grub from Hogtown Vegan.) Lisa took the picture of me by the Toronto Art Gallery and I am most grateful. I am also very grateful she was generous enough to let me sleep in her apartment for a couple nights, and be my tour guide like last year. She is a talented, inspiring woman and you should check out her work at The Viet Vegan. Lisa: THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I need to extend another thank you to my Ontario family in Mississauga and beyond: they were all so sweet and caring and I have no idea how I would have navigated the giant city without their help. Pete, Gabby, Julia, Natasha and Alexa: thank you for letting me stay in your beautiful home for a few nights and sharing your maple syrup! Oma and Opa: it was lovely to have a day with you, and thank you for the brunch and champagne! Everyone who came to the meet-up: YAYATHANKYOU! That night left me feeling inspired, energized and comfortably full of steamed BBQ buns. 

Ok, Evie doesn't have wifi in her apartment so I've been using the library's, and they are about to close so I gotta run!!! Bye for now <3