This recipe is too good to be true yet here it is. In all it's luscious glory: the vegan shake. This is adapted slightly from the recipe in N'ice Cream by Virpi Mikkonen and Tuulia Talvio. It's such a beautiful book. The recipes are simple and delicious and the photos are STUNNING. A must-have if you dig ice cream that happens to be dairy-free. Now lemme talk about this shake for a minute because I am absolutely head over heels.

It's only a handful of ingredients that you probably already have lying around: bananas, vanilla, peanut butter, coconut milk, maple syrup, non-dairy milk... that is it. The result is MAGIC IN YOUR MOUTH. It is so creamy, frosty, sweet and satisfying; I really cannot imagine ever desiring dairy when I know I can make this. My mom feels the same. She had a spoonful, stared at me and was just like: "Why...?" And I often finish her sentences so I knew she meant: "Why would anyone have a dairy milkshake when you can have this?"

PPPPLLEAAASEE try this recipe out and share it with everyone you know, whether they are vegan or not. I want the world to learn that vegan shakes are as good as it gets. Period. No cows or their babies need to be harmed for us to indulge in creamy, frozen dessert drinks. Praise the coconut. Don't hurt the cow. MUCH LOVE.


[ serves one or two; adapted from the recipe in N'ice Cream by Virpi Mikkonen and Tuulia Talvio ]

1 can full fat coconut milk, preferably left in the fridge overnight
3 chopped, frozen bananas
1/2 teaspoon chopped vanilla bean, or vanilla extract
1 tablespoon maple syrup

Peanut butter caramel:
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1 tablespoon maple syrup
2 tablespoons non-dairy milk

To make the shake: scoop out the thick, creamy, white coconut cream that should have set in the top of the can: this is what you want to use (if this doesn't happen, don't worry about it - your shake just won't be as thick... but if you want it to be thick, add another banana). Blend all the ingredients together until smooth, thick and sexy.

To make the caramel: whisk all the ingredients together until smooth.

Assembly: pour some caramel into a glass or two, then scoop in some shake, and keep doing this until you've used everything up. Enjoy!